View Full Version : People who rejected Islam in the past

08-09-2010, 04:28 AM
People in the past accused the Prophet of doing magic, and being critical of the Prophet chosen.

For example in the Quran it states;-

20:71 (Asad) Said [Pharaoh]: "Have you come to believe in him [52] ere I have given you permission? Verily, he must be your master who has taught you magic! But I shall most certainly cut off your hands and feet in great numbers, because of [your] perverseness, and I shall most certainly crucify you in great numbers on trunks of palm-trees: [53] and [I shall do this] so that you might come to know for certain as to which of us [two] [54] can inflict a more severe chastisement, and [which] is the more abiding!"

They were more then happy to believe in magic existing rather then God. They purposely embraced magic, idol worship because it was a means to looking towards living in this world and an excuse to be lewd saying it was acceptable as it was part of their idol worshipping religion. Basically just as people go to nightclubs today, just hold on to their dreadful lviing for the life of this world.

Also they were critical of a Prophet, asking why would Allah choose you, or why did he not send an angel. Well why bother scorning the Prophet-if you are being critical of him, then why did they not before hand teach people to worship the one God and be good in conduct. Allah has sent Prophets to leaders such as Pharoah, to repent and to stop leading people astray. A leader in Islamic definition is one who leads people in the right conduct. Note that Pharoah was not treated like Saddam Hussain were they wanted to oust him and got him killed, Allah did not say that Pharoah had to be gotten rid of to provide the people with a fair test, he told him and his people to repent.

Also if an angel was to be sent, as it states in a verse from the Quran, if people commited any sin afterwards they will not be forgiven, as it wouldn't even be a test anymore. They've already seen an angel, what more did they need to help them to be good, if this did not stop them then nothing will, covered also in Show me, show me (but we're humans) thread.

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