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View Full Version : Science fiction and the belief in a Higher Power

08-09-2010, 04:31 AM
Science fiction and the belief in a Higher Power.even recently a Scientist was saying he believes Aliens are sophisticated, so why not just accept Allah?

In many popular Science-fiction they actually like including the belief in a higher power;-

2001 A Space Odyssey

In the film they actually depict huge slabs as creators of the worlds, were in the sequel "2010", they actuallly grant humans freedom to roam the Universe as long as they don't interfere in an area were they are creating a child.

Star Trek

In all the Star Trek series, they have included a character called Q, were he is believe it or not omnipotent, and he is capable of doing anything to anyone, and is unstoppable.

Star Trek The Next Generation

Episode Justice (in the first series), they go to a planet were there is an idol which takes care of his "children" on the planet, and he protects them. The idol is capable of destroying the ship etc, and in the end they leave the planet having been able to save a crew member from being killed, by way of a trial.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

The leader throughout this series is in touch with "The Prophets" of Bajor and they live in the wormhole, in the end he actually dies and joins them and does not die.

Star Trek Voyager

A caretaker -a being with more power has sent the ship 70,000 light years from their home, and in this episode he does die. There is Kes a character who develops a lot of power and when she leaves, helps the ship move closer to home.

Babylon 5

The series includes fighting a war against the Shadows, and they have been in war with the Volans and these races have existed before others and they use the lesser lifeforms has part of their war. When the Captain dies of old age, he gets taken to another existance by a race who told the Shadows and the Volans to stop fighting (and they decided to leave the area of space together peacefully)

Also they depicted one of the Volans as going to different worlds, and people see him in different guises, and that people on Earth believed he was the Archangel Gabriel.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Even in this old series, there is an episode were a fire comes on board and starts talking to the crew and becomes a threat to them, of course Allah spoke to Prophet Moses peace be upon him through a burning bush.

They say its normal for people to create a religion, so if they had time (which of course we are heading towards the first Major signs of the Day of Judgement), and visited other planets, I don't think they will be very happy about visiting aliens and find out that they are actually worshipping Allah (which of course in reality they are, as all life form that Allah has created, acknowledges his existance). Of course they will have to be very careful about not offending the aliens Islamic beliefs!

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