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08-09-2010, 04:43 AM
People should remember the Day of Judgement when they make decisions in their lives and also to not be fearful of evil, as the magicians at Pharoah’s court were willing to have their hands and feet chopped off rather then be sent to hell. Of course they would rather suffer from Pharoah, which is only temporary, where going to Hell would be eternal.

Some situations that people have found themselves in;-

1. They joined in with the bad crowd who deal in drugs, now they want to leave but they are fearful of being killed, and do not want to do anything to upset the gang members-here clearly they are afraid of these people rather then Allah.

2. A person suffering from abuse (whether sexual, physical etc) from someone is fearful of doing anything that they deem may provoke that person into hitting them etc, again here they are fearful of the abuser more then Allah.

In both situations, when they are gathered together on the Day of Judgement, they certainly would have wished they did not fear the other person. So the gang member would have wished they left the gang and joined the good people as now they are following the sinners into Hell, and also with people being hurt by others they would have wished they paid more attention to remembering the Day of Judgement as of course if they did;-

1. The gang member would have left the gang and said I don’t care about being killed by you if you‘ve found me, as spending my time in Hell for eternity is worse, and there is nothing you can do which exceeds the punishment in Hell.

2. Any person suffering from abuse, would say that Allah did not create me so you can be abusive to me, and that I will depart from you, because when I look at you on the Day of Judgement, I see that you are unworthy to be feared, now seeing you just standing there afraid of being sent to Hell-I see how insignificant you are to me, I should have remembered this Day of Judgement more.

Of course they wouldn’t want to be one of those sinners talking to other sinners in the next world saying that I wished I never listened, followed you, of course walking behind other sinners and following them into Hell, some of the verses from the Quran (there are quite a few on the interaction between the sinners wishing they had not listened to the other);-

34:32 (Asad) [And] those who were wont to glory in their arrogance will say unto those who had been weak: “Why - did we keep you [forcibly] from following the right path after it had become obvious to you? [40] Nay, it was but you [yourselves] who were guilty!”

40:47 (Asad) AND LO! They [who in life were wont to deny the truth] will contend with one another in the fire [of the hereafter]; and then the weak will say unto those who had gloried in their arrogance, “Behold, we were but your followers: can you, then, relieve us of some [of our] share of this fire?” [32]

The Day of Judgement is the important day of our lives, our everyday life in this world is about passing our tests on that day, and if you haven’t passed on that day then it will effect your life for eternity whether you are in Paradise or Hell.

Whatever circumstances a person may find themselves in they certainly should remember that only Allah is worthy enough to be feared. The people that they fear don’t create food, Day and Night etc.

Most importantly if it helps prevent you from repenting to Allah as you are paying attention to unbelievers more then you will have lost your oppurtunity of making it too Paradise. No person in this world will have felt so bad as you will do on that Day if you lost out on Paradise forever! You wouldn't care about this abuser, this attacker as nothing should prevent you from receiving a goodly reward in the next world. Of course its worse when someone loses out on something in this world, whether its a missed oppurtunity to buy their dream house etc. Do not let evil people from anywhere around the world stop you from reaching Paradise-ignore them, turn away from them and turn to Allah!

7:43 (Asad) after We shall have removed whatever unworthy thoughts or feelings may have been [lingering] in their bosoms. Running waters will flow at their feet; [34] and they will say: "All praise is due to God, who has guided us unto this; for we would certainly not have found the right path unless God had guided us! Indeed, our Sustainer's apostles have told us the truth!" And [a voice] will call out unto them: "This is the paradise which you have inherited by virtue of your past deeds!"

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08-09-2010, 11:00 PM

Jazakallahu Khaayr for sharing dear sistah

Wa`Alaaykum Salaam

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