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View Full Version : Unintelligent sayings to try and discredit Islam.

09-13-2010, 09:26 PM
The non-Muslims unintelligent repetitive sayings to trying and refute Islam;-

People are brainwashed into Islam

1. Then let them say that;-
Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam,
Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam
Prophet Noah peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam.

Of course they can’t and won’t say it, the Prophets are sound and the best of Men. To the people who are saying they are not talking about the Prophets, well Allah has already stated in the Quran, they pick anyone to try and make a mockery of Islam, and say is this the person who speaks of your religion to try and make Islam look bad.

Why can’t we build a church in Saudi Arabia

2. Well why did they not build one to worship the one God before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him arrived??

WE do the hard work, get rid of idol worship, drunk behaviour, lewd behaviour, and now they want to build a church now, when Islam is a religion perfected.

Afraid to die

3. They say people join Islam because they are afraid to die, well then why are they taking out people’s organs, going up women’s vaginas to try and find a cure for the dying conditions??? We don’t join Islam because we are afraid to die, there is one God, the Day of Judgement, and Paradise and Hell.


4. They show off about their wealth in the West, and this is what people want, and say others are living in the dark ages, well what are they saying that people are living poor because they farm etc and live simply?

- do they not also get their milk from cows?

-do they not also get their cotton etc from farming? Then no need to call what other people are doing back warded.

-AS Allah has stated in the Quran that people in the past showed off about their wealth too do they think that this will save them from Hell??? How foolish of them.

- They lie about immigration, making poorer countries poorer, not paying fair prices ie for cocoa beans etc and then complain that people want to move, at least they are aware that people don’t plan to stay in Western countries but send money back home to rebuild homes etc to go back there. But still there arrogance about their “way of life” only shows they are making the same mistake as people in the past.

Taking offence

5. They say if someone burns the Quran, insults the Prophets we should not show that we are unhappy. How pathetic this statements is. Then why are they fighting for their countries, when they are nothing? Why be willing to kill so many people, if someone attacks them, and suppress people if they say the “wrong” things?

-They say we can make fun out of other religions, so what are they saying?

- if you dirty your clothes it OK to dirty others people’s??

- if you be lewd, and have sex outside of marriage, its OK for other people to do the same thing?

-some say we lose every time we show how absolutely unhappy we are, well are they going to say that to the angels, and to Allah when they are sent to Hell??

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