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View Full Version : Allah's Forgiveness - A never ending stream

09-14-2010, 07:16 PM
Asalamu Alekum Wa Rahmatul Allahi Wa Barakatu

I start with asking some questions,
How many times have we all disobeyed Allah and how many times have we felt that we won't be forgiven?
How many times has Allah said in the Quran that He is the most forgiving and the most merciful?

How about we look back at the companions of the Prophet Salah Allahu Alihi Wa Salam and see if their sins before accepting Islam were greater or lesser than ours?

They worshipped idols, they killed their daughters etc and an example of this is one of the greatest people ever - Umar Radia Allahu Anhu.
Didn't Allah forgive all his sins?

Do you think you have sinned more than him and the others?
Do you think Allah wants to punish us?
Don't you know that Allah loves the ones who repent?
Don't you know that Allah is happy by your repentance?

The past? Let it be, the presence? However hard it could be, being patient in it is a way Allah clears our sins with and raises our degree in Paradise.
The future? Is nothing to worry about, for it is in Allah's hands, depend on Him alone and do what you can and the rest is for Allah.

Never say Hell is your abode, no matter how high your sin's meter goes.
It is enough to ask for forgiveness sincerely and then all sins are forgiven.
Ignore the lies of Satan about Allah's mercy being so narrow.

Do you feel disgraceful? Most Sinful? The worst muslim or muslimah ever?
Get all such thoughts from your mind and trust in Allah's forgiveness, mercy and love.

Covering our sins and giving advises does not make us hypocrites, never.
For again I will say, Umar was sinful and then he became a Khalifah giving advises to all.

From the moment of repentance, you are now a new person, the past is nothing you should think negatively of, but rather keep it as a lesson to learn from it and teach others to avoid it and to remember Allah's great gifts bestowed upon us.

May Allah forgive all muslimeen and muslimat, the momeneen and momeenat, the ones alive and dead, ameen.

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