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09-17-2010, 02:10 PM
Salaam alaykum

does anyone know where i can buy that sunnah kohl that you put into your eyes? like a good 1 that cleans out ur eyes

barakallahu feek

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cat eyes
09-17-2010, 02:27 PM
i have an eye liner kohl pencil which i bought at the pharmacy.. they sell them at cosmetic stores such as boots but to save you embarrassment you can say its for your wife :D

09-17-2010, 07:41 PM

try and islamic store, you'll be able to find the powder ones with the stick, if not try saudi...


09-17-2010, 07:59 PM
Please stop!

The so called khols in shops are not the ithmid the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used, and not all kohl pencils have kohl in them either. Trading Standards recently raided and confiscated thousands of pounds worth of such dangerous foreign products from an Islamic Shop in Birmingham. Honey can be applied to the eye as a wash. But I warn you, it stings like hell. Your eyes will water like you can't imagine. So go easy.

There are other types of ithmid (antimony) you can use for the same purpose. The foods and medicines that the Prophet (saw) used are all listed in 'The prophet's Book of Medicine (Tibb an Nabwi). So do invest in a copy inshaAllah.

There is a site which claims to sell genuine ithmid. But please ask for authentication before you buy. Sometimes retailers themselves don't know they are selling dangerous goods.



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