View Full Version : La3alahu Khair (It might be for the better)!

10-05-2010, 07:34 PM
لعله خير
La3alahu Khair (It might be for the better)!

Once there was a king who had a vizier who always interpreted any event that it occured for the better. At one time, the king had an accident; he cut off his small finger (pinkie), the vizier told the king, "It might be for the better". The king got very angry with him and put him in prison.

One day, the king went on a hunting trip and after some time he lost his way following game and found that he has been separated from his company. Tired and lost he stayed where he was in hope that they might find him. All of a sudden, he was surrounded by people from a primitive tribe who captured him and decided to sacrifice him to their gods.
They then noticed his cut-off finger and changed their minds as they could not sacrifce a faulty offering to their gods. They set him free.

The king was overwhelmed with happiness; he returned to his kingdom and released his vizier from prison and told him his story. The vizier replied with his usual comment, "It might be for the better! It was better for you to have your finger cut-off to escape death and it was better for me that I was in prison or else I would have been on the trip with you and I would have been taken instead of you as a sacrifice!"

Not everything that happens to you and you don't like it is necessarily bad; it might be for the better! ;D

(Note: I don't know the source of this story, but I heard it from several people, and it is probably fictional.)

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10-05-2010, 08:41 PM

I heard or read this story somewhere too, you should say Alhamdulilaah always!
Alhamdulilaah-All Praises is Due to Allaah SWT

Jazakalllahu Khaayr for sharing

Wa`Alaaykum Salaam

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