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10-10-2010, 12:16 PM
Chinese Ambassador: Syrian-Chinese Relations Developing Well, China Supports Syria's Right to Restore the Occupied Golan

Damascus, (SANA) – The People's Republic of China will celebrate the 61st anniversary of its foundation on October 1st.

Syria and China have been linked by strong cooperation and friendship relations since they established diplomatic relations in 1956, signing several agreements and cooperation programs in various fields and exchanging visits on various levels.

Chinese Ambassador in Damascus Li Huaxin told SANA that the historic Syrian-Chinese relations, which witnessed the exchange of high-level visits, are developing well, affirming mutual desire to bolster these relations due to their historic significance since the days of the Silk Road and the considerable strides achieved in bilateral commerce and investments.

He expected that 2011 will witness more development in Syrian-Chinese relations, noting that trade exchange between the two countries amounted to USD 2.2 billion in 2009, maintaining the same number despite the global economic crisis, adding that trade exchange reached USD 1.2 billion during the first half of 2010 marking an increase of 21% compared to the same period in 2009.

Ambassador Huaxin said the two countries signed various economic and commercial agreements including an agreement to encourage and protect investments, and that the two sides agreed to sign an agreement to prevent double taxation, adding that there many other methods to boost relations through the joint committee for economic, commercial and technical committee which concluded its 4th session recently in China.

He pointed out to the constant exchange of commercial and media delegations and participation in expos and forums, noting that his country always participates in Damascus International Fair.

Huaxin also indicated to Syria's participation in the ongoing Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Regarding media cooperation, the Chinese Ambassador said that a new media cooperation agreement was signed by SANA and Xinhua, the two countries' news agencies, which adds up to the agreement signed last year between the Syrian Arab Television and the Chinese Television.

He affirmed that cultural relations between the two countries are blooming, with several Chinese delegations and troupes visiting Syria and performing shows that were well-received by the Syrian audience, adding that China continues to participate in the annual Silk Road Festival and sends students each year to learn Arabic, in addition to the students studying in Syria at their own expense and the Syrian students in China.

In politics, Huaxin said that Syria is an important force for preserving security and stability in the Middle East, affirming that any solution to the Middle East issue cannot take place without Syria's participation, affirming that China strongly supports Syria's efforts to restore the occupied Syrian Golan according to the UN Security Council resolutions, in addition to supporting Syria's efforts to push the Middle East peace process forward.

"China is always prepared to play a constructive role to achieve just, comprehensive and permanent peace in the Middle East," he said, noting that a special Chinese envoy for the Middle East issue was appointed and that he visited Syria three times during last year to discuss regional developments with Syrian officials, affirming China's stances regarding these developments and coordinating with Syria.

He added that China exerted efforts in international circles in this regard, and will continue to do so.

Huaxin affirmed that his country calls for establishing an independent Palestinian state and finding a full solution to Middle East problems according to UN resolutions, the land-for-peace principle, the Arab Peace Initiative and the Roadmap Plan, in addition to calling for peaceful coexistence between the region's countries.

The Chinese Ambassador concluded by stressing his country's pride in its relations with Arab countries and its readiness to boost cooperation with them, pointing out that a Chinese-Arab ministerial meeting was held in China in early 2009 which resulted in announcing an executive program and other documents planning bilateral cooperation for the next two years.

H. Sabbagh


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