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View Full Version : Football of course is not a religion

01-10-2011, 04:32 AM
I have nothing against people having a sport. Religion is what Allah has created, the commandments are from him, not man made.

There are those that don’t think and say that football is their religion, well;-

1. Football did not create this world,
2. Are they willing to die for a football? Of course as a Muslim we die in a state of acceptance in Islam.
3. Are they willing to fast for a month for football?
4. When there is a disaster, and they are fleeing from a volcanic eruption would they be thinking about football??

It does remind me of when some people say that the last thing they would do if the Day of Judgement was going to happen is have sex. This shows their ignorance. Of course they should think that do people think about sex when they are running away from a tsunami?? Are they thinking about sex when they are fleeing from a fire? No, So why would they think of it, if they are in a state knowing absolutely certain that they whole world is going to end tomorrow, people will be afraid, and then on the Day of Judgement all are standing in rows, towards Allah, NOT looking at each other.

So as above they are willing to say anything in jest, but squandering their opportunity to make it to Paradise.

I told someone, that I don’t like the amount of time they spend watching football, as they are wasting time, better spent on focusing on themselves.
Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement much!

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Revert 2010
01-12-2011, 10:06 PM
Salaam, I go regulary to watch football at Arsenal's stadium and it can be very emotive. I think football has a tribal element to it and people gravitate towards that, I suppose the analogy with religion is just that. In the sense that it gives people a sense of belonging and forfillment. It may even help them forget their troubles for 90 minutes, but it never usurps or negates from the fact that am Muslim first and foremost. That Allah always takes president over sport but it shouldn't stop a person from engaging and enjoying a sport.

01-13-2011, 12:07 AM
format_quote Originally Posted by h-n

4. When there is a disaster, and they are fleeing from a volcanic eruption would they be thinking about football??

LOL :thumbs_up

I prefer to play a sport rather than watch it. It's so boring watching it. I do think people take football way too seriously...end of the day, its just people kicking a ball.

I think many people would turn to God when they are in a dangerous and helpless situations...

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