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02-03-2011, 05:44 AM

We spend our days relaxed, spending money for our own entertainment when our borthers and sisters get tortured and raped everyday? Do we not care? This is just one example of a Muslim in need, there are countless more in the same or maybe even worse conditions than Sister Aafia. What would the Prophet (saw) or the companions do? They definitely won't be spending money for their own gain.

O Allah, guide us all to the straight path and the rekindle the unity of Islam.

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02-03-2011, 01:49 PM
brother alhumdullaih we feel for her as our Muslim sister. oh GOD our Islamic history was so glorious, we were one umma and whole umma stands for even one brother or sister. there are many examples in history...but today what we are doing...we muslim are disgracing and devaluing Islam by not practicing it. so what we say about kuffars...ALLAH SWT help her and make things easy for her.
u know its when i was in university, one day i read a column in JANG newspaper about her, i think the writer was Irfan Saddiqi Or Jewan Khan, the whole day i was mucccch mucccch sad, she was not that popular that time, its exactly after she was picked up by agencies from train in way to Islamabad. and it was reported in column, then she get bit media attention after Even Redly arraise her issue after comming back from Kabul Jail. but i know there are much more no1 know about them and they are picked up by agencies. i think one day they are telling there are 600-700 ppl. ALLAH SWT help all of them. ameeeen.

- Qatada -
02-03-2011, 06:34 PM
Asalaam alaikum waRahmatulah waBarakatuh



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