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View Full Version : Looking for any one who can speak turkish.

02-18-2011, 06:36 PM
Asalam Alaykum. I don't know where to put this topic. But anyways, I was looking for a turkish brother/kardesh to translate something into english.
Please translate this lyric. It's a Ottoman Jannisary song, Genc Osman! =) (this is for my new youtube video, that's why I need it). If any one would like to help me, then teshekkur! =D

genç osman dediğin bir küçük uşak
beline bağlamış ibrişim kuşak of of.

aman askerin içinde birinci uşak
allah allah deyip geçti genç osman of of.

genç osman dediğin bir küçük aslan
bağdat'ın içime girilmez yastan of of.

aman her ana doğurmaz böyle bir aslan
allah allah deyip geçti genç osman of of.

bağdat'ın kapısını genç osman açtı
düşmanın cümlesi önünden kaçtı of of.

aman kelle koltuğunda üç gün savaştı
allah allah deyip geçti genç osman of of.

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02-25-2011, 06:13 PM
sorry, ben cok az Turkce biliyorum

02-25-2011, 06:58 PM
I use Google Translator Usually.It does'nt translate exactly but i some how get the idea what it is about :)
Try to give these words a pattern :)

Osman said the young footman in a small
silk tied around the waist belt of the of the.

Oh my soldier servant in the first
Osman of the young god of God was saying.

Osman said the young lion of a small
of age can not enter inside of Baghdad.

my home does not mean that every such a lion
Osman of the young god of God was saying.

Baghdad has opened the door to the young Osman
of the enemy fled in front of sentence.

fought for three days, my head's seat
Osman of the young god of God was saying.

01-07-2017, 09:37 PM
it's story is better. This is not real mehter. Friends and ideology of ataturk destroyed mehter because it was too islamic i guess. I guess that was the reason.

But story of this song is a young boy wants to go to jihad. Padişah says if you can't use a comb for your mustasche then you cant come but this kid uses a iron comb and hurt himself just to go to jihad.

But like i said real mehter was very scary for infidels. And psycologically it was torturing but friends or ideology of ataturk destroyed it because it reminded islamic times of this lands.

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