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03-12-2011, 11:43 AM
1.Sit And Eat On The Floor.
2.Spread Out A Cloth On The Floor First Before Eating.
3.Wash Both Hands Up To The Wrists.
4.Recite "Bismillah Wa'la Barakatillah" Aloud.
5.Eat With The Right Hand.
6.Eat From The Side That Is In Front Of You.
7.If A Morsel Of Food Falls Down, Pick It Up, Clean It And Eat It.
8.Do Not Lean And Eat.
9.Do Not Find Fault With The Food.
10. Remove Your Shoes Before Eating.
11.When Eating, Sit With Either Both Knees On The Ground Or One Knee Raised Or Both Knees Raised.
12. Clean The Plate And Other Utensils Thoroughly After Eating.
13. By Doing This, The Utensils Make Dua For One's Forgiveness.
14. Recite Dua After Eating.
15. First Remove The Food Then Get Up.
16. After Meals Wash Both The Hands.
17. Thereafter Gargle The Mouth.
18. Whilst Eating One Should Not Remain Completely Silent.
19. Eat With Three Fingers If Possible.
20. One Should Not Eat Very Hot Food.
21. Do Not Blow On The Food.

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