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04-06-2011, 03:10 AM
As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم):

The principals of John Locke was adopted in the founding principals of the United States of America.

Islam as we know it was around 300 years established. What did America's founding fathers think of Islam?

Did you know?

President Washington proposed that early American Muslims “obtain proper relief” from a tax designed to support Christian work and later wrote he’d welcome Muslim workmen to his Mt. Vernon estate.

Did you know?

The United States fought a short war with Barbary pirates but never saw all Arabs or all Muslims as enemies. In the post-war agreement it wrote (Treaty of Tripoli, 1797): “The government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian Religion, as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Mussulmen.” And then there was an English-Arabic plaque dedicated to the Arabs who also fought alongside the United States.


Did you know?

The United States have adventured upon a great and noble experiment, which is believed to have been hazarded in the absence of all previous precedent — that of total separation of Church and State. No religious establishment by law exists among us. The conscience is left free from all restraint and each is permitted to worship his Maker after his own judgement. The offices of the Government are open alike to all. No tithes are levied to support an established Hierarchy, nor is the fallible judgement of man set up as the sure and infallible creed of faith. The Mahommedan, if he will to come among us would have the privilege guaranteed to him by the constitution to worship according to the Koran; and the East Indian might erect a shrine to Brahma if it so pleased him. Such is the spirit of toleration inculcated by our political Institutions.... The Hebrew persecuted and down trodden in other regions takes up his abode among us with none to make him afraid.... and the Aegis of the Government is over him to defend and protect him. Such is the great experiment which we have tried, and such are the happy fruits which have resulted from it; our system of free government would be imperfect without it.
The body may be oppressed and manacled and yet survive; but if the mind of man be fettered, its energies and faculties perish, and what remains is of the earth, earthly. Mind should be free as the light or as the air.

- Tenth President of the United States John Tyler in a letter dated July 10, 1843.

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