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04-25-2011, 12:54 AM

First of all an introduction, I'm an author from England in the middle of the editing stage of my third novel (set to be published later this year) and also the sequel to it.

Anyway, I'm writing a few short stories and novella's too which tie in with the books, one of which is set in the Middle East but, I know next to nothing about Islam and could do with a bit of help if that's okay?

The main series of books are superhero fantasy stories set in England but events also tie in to other events across the world. The novella I'm planning on writing that is set in the middle east (Country undecided yet but I'm thinking maybe Syria?) following a popular, famous superhero whose asked to do a mission he doesn't feel comfortable with (Targetting possible civilians in an uprising) and it follows him deciding whether his loyalties lie with the people or with the government.

What I basically need is suggestions on good names for Middle Eastern superheroes, preferably names which tie in with Middle Eastern traditions, any traditional Middle Eastern war cries or Islamic prayers that the superheroes might say before a mission, traditional heroes he might model himself on (Was thinking about using Saladin for that actually) and also, any other information regarding culture, religion etc that might be useful. (Like any religious laws that might stop how superheroes in the Middle East operate for example)

Sorry if it's an unusual bunch of questions. I don't know much about Middle Eastern culture or Islam and want to try to get things accurate. Figured the best place to ask would be on a forum such of this instead of relying on places like wikipedia and (shudder) the news! :)

Thanks :)

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04-25-2011, 03:13 AM
An interesting group of questions. I moved the thread over to the General section for better exposure and perhaps more viewres to answer. i am pleased you decided not to rely on the news for your information.

Although I have lived in the Mideast several times, I am far from being an expert in Mideastern/Arabic culture. My background is pure Yankee, even worse-- Connecticut Yankee who lived quite often in Texas. So my Arabic is often flavored with a mixture of Yank and cowboy.

One thing I see that such a superhero would be bound to uphold is to never harm innocents and protect women, children, disabled, elderly and the clergy of all faiths. You won't find any actual war cries. however we do often call out "Allahu Akbar" at anytime we wish to praise Allaah(swt) or do any act in praise of Him(swt). A super hero would also have to dress modestly and not wear anything that reveals body shape.

04-25-2011, 03:42 AM
Here's the first cartoon superheroes inspired by Islam, although I don't think it's syariah compliant, since most female characters do not wear proper hijab and and still wear clothings that accentuate their bodies:


Also, keep in mind to separate Islam from Arab cultures, because Islam is NOT arab or middle east, although arab cultures are mostly influenced by Islam, there are still aspects that may not conform to Islamic teachings.

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