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View Full Version : Vinegar is halal?

05-13-2011, 06:40 AM
Asalamu Alaika Waramatullahe Wabarakatoh.

Is products which contain very little alcohol halal? Such as sugars, vinegar etc.

I read that if it contains very little alcohol, like 0,1%, then it is not haram, is that true? They say because you cant get drunk, but does that make it halal? I love vinegar, and got surprised seeing alcohol behind the pack.

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al yunan
05-13-2011, 07:53 AM
Walaikum Assalam brother,

Not only vinegar is Halal it's considered a blessing to have in our houses.
The prophet s.a.w Inshallah said "that vinegar is the king of condiments".
As for the alcohol in vinegar it's, to put it in layman's terms is "inactive" in other words it can't continue to brew.
It's a residue of the original process and functions more as a preservative. It should also be noted that vinegar is the one and only Halal product of fermentation all other products are Haram.
Vinegar may also be used to preserve and cure foods.
Vinegar if added to pasta sauce gives it a tang, for those who miss the pre-Islam flavours.
Replaces wine in marinating sauces and most picante Mediterranean Cuisine sauces.
Vinegar has many therapeutic values, when mixed with honey it's said to reduce high blood pressure and cure chronic migraines and also used to wipe down babies to reduce high fever.
Some popular vinegars:


PS: Anyone want specific sauce recipes P.M me. Should there be enough request I'll post

05-13-2011, 08:05 AM
Thank you. =) I use vinegar in almost everything . Pasta, majs, beans, and wutever there is when there is sumthing tasty needed. Though my parents get angry, and say that I will get ill in my stomach because of vinegar.

But I don't understand how we can drink alcohol from vinegar and still it is halal? :O It's confusing

05-13-2011, 02:18 PM
AsSalaamu Aalaykum Wara7matullah Wabarakatuh

All vinegars are permissable even if they are White wine vinegar and cider vinegar.

Vinegar is produced by two successive microbial processes. The first being an alcoholic fermentation (which is Haraam) and the second an oxidation of alcohol by aceto bacter, when it's molecular structure is changed and it ceases to be an intoxicant. Other varieties of vinegar are produced from beetroot, tarragon and alcoholic spirits. In vinegar the intoxicating factor is destroyed by the microbial process of oxidation hence it becomes permissible. Islam permits any variety of vinegar to be used as a condiment or preservative. (Muslim Food Guide - Page A26/27
Source: http://www.muftisays.com/qa/question/451/vinegar.html

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