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Flame of Hope
05-17-2011, 08:38 PM

Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) advised us not to be like the following:

Who hope for the Hereafter without work, and postpone repentance by exaggeration of hope;

(This means that the Hereafter is for those who strive hard for it. And as for repentance, it should be done now and not postponed)

Who speak in this world the speech of the abstinent, but work therein the work of the greedy;

(Meaning there are those who speak as though they have great control over their desires but their actions prove that they are greedy for worldly wealth and riches.)

Who when given anything from it are not satisfied, and when forbidden anything from it are discontent;

(These are not satisfied with what they have been given and it shows in their words and actions and when they are reminded that something is forbidden they are resentful and show their unhappiness over it.)

Who restrain others but do not themselves abstain, and command others to do what they themselves do not;

(These tell others to stay away from the forbidden but they themselves engage in what is forbidden. And they tell others to do good and they themselves do not do what they tell others to do.)

Who love the good but not their works, and despise sinners while being sinners themselves;

(These love what is good but dislike the work that has to be put into it and they find faults with others while being full of faults themselves.)

Who abhor death because they have sinned too much, yet persist in that for which they abhor death;

(These dislike death because of the sins they have committed, yet they do not give up sinning for sinning gives them great pleasure. Death would put an end to their pleasures and thus, they hate death.)

Who become repentant when sick and confident when well;

(These remember Allah during bad times and suffering, repenting much, but when all is going well, they forget Allah and become complacent, thinking that repentance is not necessary, or if it is necessary, then they can postpone it for later.)

Who are proud when carefree and despondent in times of trial;

(These become arrogant and full of pride when things are going well for them, all their needs are met and they have no financial worries, but when Allah tries them by way of loss in property, wealth and lives, they are stricken with grief and sadness.)

Who are incapable of gratitude for what they have been given, and perpetually seek more and more;

(These are not satisfied with what they have and are greedy for more. The wealthy want more instead of being grateful for what they already have.)

Who fear for others on account of relatively insignificant misdeeds, while expecting more for themselves than what they have done;

Who are seduced into wantonness if they become rich, and become despondent and lose heart if they become poor;

Who are inadequate when they work, and overdo it when they ask;

Who jump the track of religion when tribulation strikes them;

Who praise exemplars but do not take a lesson from them, and deliver sermons without taking them to heart, and thus are bold in speech but short on action;

Who compete for what perishes and give up what endures;

(These are fighting for materialistic goods and wealth of this worldly life which will definitely perish, and they do not fight for that which is everlasting, the Hereafter.)

Who see gain as loss and loss as gain;

(When Allah sends hardships to a person, it is a gain. But these see the gain as loss. When Allah sends them ease and comfort, that is a great loss. But these see it as a gain.)

Who are afraid of death yet do not hasten to escape;

(These know about the certainty of death and yet do not do anything to prepare themselves for it because of their laziness or weakness of will.)

Who attach great importance to insubordination from others where they think little of even more from themselves, and make a big thing of their own obedience where they scorn the obedience to others, so they discredit others while flattering themselves;

Who prefer diversion with the rich to prayer with the poor;

Who judge against others in their own favor, but never judge against themselves in favor of others;

(These are not just in their judgments. They seek to free themselves from all blame. They judge against others and never against themselves.)

Who are demanding when tribulation comes upon them, and are blind and conceited when comfort gives them latitude;

Who give directions to others while misguiding themselves, so they command obedience but are themselves astray, and they demand in full, but do not give in full;

Who fear creation for other than its Creator, and do not fear the Creator for the sake of the creation.

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