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05-22-2011, 09:55 PM
Al-Salam Institute presents
A one day intensive course on

"Whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to Paradise." -(Tirmidhi)
with Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Ta'līm al-Muta'allim-Ṭarīq at-Ta'-allum, (Instruction of the Student: The Method of Learning) by Imam Burhan al-Din al-Zarnuji (d. 602 AH/1223)
Extracts from Ihya Ulum Al-din by Imam Ghazali

This course will highlight the correct manner of seeking knoweldge & the importance of time through examples of great scholars of Islamic History. It is a recommended course for all who wish to know the importance and the ettiqutes of seeking Islamic Knowedge and where to begin.

This will be an exclusive course going through extracts from Ihya Ulum Al-din by Imam Ghazali and Al-Zarnuji's treatise, Ta'līm al-Muta'allim-Ṭarīq at-Ta'-allum, (Instruction of the Student: The Method of Learning) which is a short introduction to the secrets of attaining scared knowledge.This book is acknowledged by many as a book in which even the most advanced and experienced teachers find advice they have yet to apply in their teaching. Imam al-Zarnuji, has attracted the attention of Western men of learning for centuries, as they tried to decipher the secret behind the stunning educational success of Islamic civilisation. Using the aformentioned text Shaykh Akram with his great experience will discuss the virute of students of knowlege and the scholars of Deen in the sight of Allah. He will remind us the importance of adopting the correct manner while seeking knoweldge, the hardship and sturggle one has to endure in this journey to acheive the lofty status praised by Allah and His Messenger.

You will also receive a FREE* signed paper back copy of Madrasa Life (an account of a student's day) by Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi (R.R.P £6)
*Offer only valid for the first 50 registrations

£25 includes course materials and refreshments.

Sunday 26th June 2011
9:30 am -5pm (registration starts at 9am)
Venue: Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX

There are also a limited number of 'Hardship discounts' available. Please see website for details.

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Tafsir of Surah Yusuf & Surah Nur
2nd & 3rd of July 2011
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23rd & 24th July 2011

Registration is required
07891 878651

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06-09-2011, 09:59 AM
Free Accomodation for registered students -
We can now confirm that we will be providing FREE accommondation on the night of Saturday 2nd July ( for the tafsir course) and the night of Saturday 23rd July (for the Hadith course). We can also arrange accomondation the night before all three of our courses depending on demand. The place is limited to 30 brothers & sisters and will be available on first come first serve basis. Shaykh Akram will also be present at the accommondation & there will hopefully be a brief advice session delivered by Shaykh Akram Nadwi inshallah. Further details will be available upon complete registration.

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