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06-02-2011, 07:28 AM
SABEEL COURSE 11th-12th June 2011: Haitham al Haddad & Mohammed Faris - Less than 100 spaces left!!!

Literally LIFE-CHANGING Course: Productive Lives
Shaykh Haitham al Haddad AND Mohammed Faris:

The venue is now confirmed at the UEL Docklands in London.
But... We have less than 100 places left!

"This going to be our busiest seminar of the year and insha'Allah the most Productive too!" Click the Poster for more info:

Sabeel is doing a one-off special weekend seminar in conjunction with our brothers and sisters from the popular website productive muslim. It is the first seminar of its kind on the topic - you can't afford to miss this one!

Leading Productive Lives
Are you sick and tired of being spiritually unproductive? What about physically unproductive? Or even socially unproductive? Are you tired of not being able to focus on your important tasks and constantly getting distracted with trivial tasks? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know how to balance your different responsibilities? For the answers to these issues and more, join us for a dynamic and interactive two-day seminar organised by Sabeel in conjunction with Productive muslim Discover how each of us can lead productive and balanced lifestyles based on the guidance of the Qur'an, the Seerah, and modern productivity techniques. This is the 1st UK seminar on productivity especially organised for the Muslim audience – you wouldn’t want to miss it!

For More information and Enrolments - HURRY! Last few places left!

**Please pass on and share the 'ajr!**

See you there insha'Allah - make your weekend a highly productive one and learn the techniques that will make the rest of your lives highly productive! Insha'Allah.

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