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Flame of Hope
06-11-2011, 10:29 PM

Dhikr of The Tongue, The Heart and The Limbs.

Dhikr can take place with the tongue, for which the one who utters it receives reward, and it is not necessary for this that he understand or recall its meaning, on condition that he not mean other than its meaning by its utterance; and if, in addition to its utterance, there is dhikr in the heart, then it is more complete; and if there is, added to that, the recollection of the meaning of the dhikr and what it entails such as magnifying Allah and exalting Him above defect or need, it is even more complete; and if all this takes place inside a good deed, whether an obligatory prayer, or jihad, or other than that, it is even more complete; and if one perfects one's turning to Allah and purifies one's sincerity towards Him: then that is the farthest perfection.

Fakhr al-Din al-Razi said: "What is meant by the dhikr of the tongue is the expressions that stand for tasbih, tahmid, and tamjid -- exaltation, praise, and glorification.

As for the dhikr of the heart, it consists in reflection on the proof - texts that point to Allah's essence and His attributes, on those of the obligations including what is enjoined and what is forbidden so that one may examine the rulings that pertain to them, and on the secrets of Allah's creation.

As for dhikr of the limbs, it consists in their being immersed in obedience, and that is why Allah named prayer as "dhikr" when He said: "When the call is proclaimed on Jumu'ah, hasten earnestly to the dhikr of Allah" (62:9).

It is reported from some of the Knowers of Allah that dhikr has seven aspects:

Dhikr of the eyes, which consists in weeping (buka');

dhikr of the ears, which consists in listening (isgha');

dhikr of the tongue, which consists in praise (thana');

dhikr of the hands, which consists in giving (`ata');

dhikr of the body, which consists in loyalty (wafa');

dhikr of the heart, which consists in fear and hope (khawf wa raja');

dhikr of the spirit, which consists of utter submission and acceptance (taslim wa rida)."


Alhamdulillahir rabbil al ameen!

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06-12-2011, 02:49 AM

thanks for this


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