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09-11-2011, 03:03 PM
Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Sunday September 11 | 12 Ramadhaan 1432 AH

Note: Brothers And Sisters: Many Good Points Are Mentioned On This Website..... We Need To Spread The Message Around... For Example The Virtues Below Can Be Sent Via Email, Phone, E.T.C To So Many People. We Can Get Reward For It. Remember Not Everybody Reads islamicboard.com .... 'Whomsoever guides towards a goodness, will get virtues equal to the one who performs that goodness.' [Muslim] We Should Count Ourselves To Be Lucky To Get To Read Virtues Of Doing Good Actions. If You Are Not Reading The 'Surahs' At Least If You Send It, A Feeling In Your Heart Will Be Created That You Start Reciting.

The Virtues of Surah Sajdah

1. Hazrat Jabir radiyallahu anhu narrates that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam would not retire to bed until he had read Alif Laam Tanzeel and Surah Tabaarak.(Tirmizi)

2. Hazrat Khalid ibn Ma’dan radiyallahu anhu said, "Recite the Deliverer, which is Alif Laam Tanzeel, for I have heard that a man who had committed many sins used to recite it and nothing else. It spread its wing over him and said, ‘O’ My Lord, forgive him, for he often used to recite me.’ So the Lord Most High made it an intercessor for him and said, ‘Record for him a good deed and raise him a degree in place of every sin." Hazrat Khalid radiyallahu anhu also said, "It will dispute on behalf of the one who recites it when he is in his grave saying, ‘O’ Allah, if I am part of Thy Book, make me an intercessor for him. But if I am not a part of Thy Book, blot me out of it.’ It will be like a bird putting its wing on him, it will intercede for him and will protect him from the punishment in the grave." He said the same about Tabaarakallazi (Surah Mulk). Hazrat Khalid radiyallahu anhu did not go to sleep at night till he had recited them. Taus said that they were given sixty virtues more than any other Surah in the Holy Qur’aan.(Darimee)

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