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View Full Version : Vocal depictions of the prophets and/or God

Darth Ultor
09-19-2011, 01:53 AM
Can't find a topic for this. I know visual representations of the prophets are not allowed, but say someone wants to make a movie about Muhammad and they don't show his body at all but someone voices him. Is that okay? Kinda like to make the affect of the movie stronger for the audience than a narrator saying that Muhammad said this or that.

Or say someone makes a cartoon about the creation of the world, can one do the "voice of God"?

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09-20-2011, 01:39 AM
they can narrate as a third party as that gives emphasis on the words.
but the voice can create a psychological perception - (squeaky, gruff, loud, soft, gay etc) and anyone who works in media would be able to tell you that a voice significantly changes perception.

i remember watching the ten commandments and they used this unpleasant squeaky voice for God.
it was irritating and felt uncharacteristic.

the party in orwell's 1984 use Goldstein's (the opposition) voice as squeaky and high pitched in order to create a negative perception of him.
and no-one knows whether he really exists - or is a fear-peddling creation of big brother.

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