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View Full Version : 1400 centuries ago it was told to us...

12-06-2011, 03:50 AM

ummary of article: 2 girls from high school, after realizing that bullying (verbal or physical) has gotten out of hand - leading to suicides depression and lowered morale - has to come to an end. So these 2 girls presumably muslim judging by their name, have started an initiative to create "gossip free zone" in school so as to prevent and raise awareness of the effects of hurtful words..

An imam pointed this article out today in the masjid and related it to the Quran and sunnah, and how 1400 centuries ago God told us not to back bite, or slander, or say a bad thing about a person (even if it is the truth) [if you have specific references from Quran please share]...

This just goes to show that what God has prescribed for us, how we should conduct ourselves, how we should behave, it all has a very good reason behind these prescriptions. They are not just for God's own amusement, rather for the betterment of society an mankind at large...

so once again we should take heed to what the quran prescribes and really follow what it says without question because as we can see from this example, if people adhered to the principles of no back biting or gossiping, the numerous cases of suicide and depression would have been avoided. - and so what the Quran prescribes is indeed with good reason.

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