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sis muslimah
12-11-2011, 09:59 PM

Every person at some point in their life will consider the question of what happens after death. This question should lead us to run our lives in preparation for what awaits us.

This world is like being on a moving train that stops for a moment before it continues its journey into death and the hereafter. It is a test and filter for good and bad and for those who believe in Allah and all the prophets and those that die in disbelief

As Muslims we call on you to accept Islam to prepare yourself for the day when your belief will be questioned. If you ignore this call and be of the disbelievers at death then be in no doubt that your disbelief will be enough to lead you into a burning hellfire forever. This is the promise of Allah for those that reject Allah and his final messenger and the prophets before.

All the prophets called for this same message warning about the hereafter and we bring their call as a reminder for you.

Prophet Nuh / Noah He called the people for 950 years night and day to the belief in the one true God – Allah. The disbelievers would put their fingers in their ears and cover themselves in their clothes. He did this call for 950 years yet the people did not listen and only a handful believed in all this time. Nuh kept patient for all this time and in the end he supplicated to Allah to destroy them all. Allah swt told him to build the Ark and to gather two of each of the animals. The non muslims mocked Prophet Nuh and his followers as they built the Ark. Then Allah swt sent floods and killed all the disbelievers. Nuh, his followers and the animals were saved.

In recent years with current satellite technology the Ark has been found on mount Judi as was mentioned in the Qur’an.

Prophet Hud, the people of Aad worshipped idols. These people were huge, tall and powerful and as a society and nation these people had an abundance of livestock, agriculture, and children. They were rich, living luxurious lives. Their wealth led them to using their money for pride and arrogance. They had so much wealth that they built palaces on mountains as if they would live forever. Hud came to them with a message ‘Oh my people worship Allah, certainly you do nothing but invent lies’

The people of Aad were arrogant with their strength and power, they said to Hud who will challenge us with all our power. They challenged Allah and forgot that the one who created them and their power is more powerful. Allah sent them a drought to show them that they did not have any power except from Allah’s wish. Then Allah swt sent a powerful tornado destroying everything.

The people of today should remember about the people of Aad and the power they had, unlike Greeks or Romans or Egyptians the complete existence of the people of Aad has been erased from history. Nations today again believe that they have so much power that the creator could never touch them and again they have challenged the creator only to fail.

Prophet Ibraheem / Abraham was very young when he received revelation. He came to his father and told him to reject his false gods and called on him to believe in Allah, however this angered his father. It was hard for a young boy to call on his father to believe in Allah, eventually Prophet Ibraheem’s father threatened the son with death. Ibraheem had to leave his home, this was hard for him so he made prayer to Allah that Allah would not insult him on the day of judgement, by this he meant not to send his father into hellfire for his disbelief. Allah swt tells us that on the day of judgement Ibraheem’s father will come to his son and say to him on this day I will follow anything you say and Ibraheem will ask Allah swt about his promise of not insulting him. Allah swt will show Ibraheem the true form of his fathers heart for its disbelief and Prophet Ibraheem will walk away from his father. This should be taken as a lesson for the disbelievers that even Prophet Ibraheem’s father will not be spared hellfire because of his disbelief.

Prophet Ibraheem wanted to show the disbelievers the truth about their false gods which they worshipped so he went to where all the idols were standing and with an axe smashed all of them except the biggest and then put this axe in the hand of the biggest. In the morning the people came to ask about the idols so Ibraheem told them to ask the idol with the axe and obviously the people knew that these idols were nothing but stone and it was not possible for stone to do anything let alone act as gods.

Prophet Lut The people of Lut had a big problem of homosexuality, they were the ones who invented it. They were very very corrupt so Prophet Lut said to the people ‘do you commit this great sin whilst people see you in public’. They would drug the traveller and commit these sins in public in their clubs, they had no shame whatsoever. This is something we find in the west today, people are prepared to not only commit these sins but to commit them in public without shame and then attack those that stand up against it. Angel Gabriel was sent by Allah to destroy the people of Lut, with the tip of his wing he raised all the people of Lut into the sky and turned them upside down towards the ground and then Allah swt sent stones of baked clay with every persons name on it and destroyed the whole nation of Lut.

Prophet Musa/Moses was adopted by Pharaons wife and grew up in the palace of Pharaon. Pharaon was the Egyptian Pharaoh of the time. Musa received the message from Allah and was told that Pharaon had transgressed all limits, Pharaon had become so corrupt that he claimed to be God.

Musa challenged Pharaon and his magicians in a public court. Pharaon’s magicians threw their sticks and ropes and they appeared to move fast and this maybe was the best in magical illusion the world has ever seen. Then Allah swt told Musa to throw down his stick, Musa threw down his stick and it turned into a real snake that ate up all the other sticks and ropes. Pharoan’s magicians knew what magic was and immediately it was clear to them Musa’s snake was clearly a miracle from Allah. All the magicians immediately accepted to believe in Allah, Pharoan had them all killed they all died as muslim.

Pharoan and the people were shown miracle after miracle till in the end Pharoan and his army chased Musa and his followers to the Red Sea. The followers of Musa when they saw the Red Sea in front and the army of Pharoan behind became worried, Musa said I believe in the promise of Allah and Allah said he will guide us. Allah swt told Musa to hit the stick onto the sea and the sea divided and the winds dried the floor of the sea. Musa and his people crossed the river all of them. When Pharaon and his army arrived they started crossing the sea in the same way and before they were able to cross Allah swt ordered the seas to return to their normal state and they all died. When Pharoan saw the punishment of Allah coming and rivers coming together and death in his face he said I believe in Allah the God of Musa but Allah refused to accept this from this tyrant Pharoan who waited till death was facing him before testifying belief in Allah.

Allah swt promised to preserve the body of Pharoan for future generations to see and today the body of Pharoan is being moved around the world in museums

Prophet Isa/Jesus. Maryam the mother of Isa had the miracle birth of Isa even though no man had touched her and she was chaste. Maryam had promised to Allah to fast from speaking and when the people questioned Maryam about the newborn, Isa spoke as a baby and testified to his mother being chaste. After prophethood Isa would put his hand on the blind and they would see and breathe on a bird and the bird would come to life and one who could not speak they would speak. Miracles from Allah to challenge the people on what they do best in the art of healing. These miracles were testament to Prophet Isa’s prophethood, Isa called the people to worship the one true God Allah.

Prophet Isa did not die on the cross, Isa made prayer to Allah to be taken from the earth and he was raised from the earth.

Prophet Isa will return to the earth as a muslim and he will return to break the cross and kill the pig and he will fight and kill the Dajjal, the false messiah, and he will complete his life on earth.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) It is enough to say that Messenger Muhammed (saw) is the final messenger and our messenger and only by believing in him can you enter paradise.

Prophet Muhammed’s wife Aisha said that if the first pages in Islam were asking people to stop drinking alcohol then the people would not have stopped, rather the first pages in Islam created an attachment with Allah swt and this was done by talking about hellfire and paradise.

So in this way to draw your attachment to Allah we warn you of hellfire. Allah swt says that he is forgiving and merciful and at the same time his punishment is severe.

The first sensitivity of the heart is to remember death and the grave and that it will become tight and crush the disbelievers until the awakening on the day of Judgement and for the believers it will expand and comfort in a sleep till the awakening. This will be the first step to the hereafter.

Then in the beginning on the day of Judgement the disbelievers will be drowning in their sweat from the fear of their disbelief making them destined for hellfire.

The least punishment in hellfire will be a shallow pool of fire up to the ankles and this will cause the brain to boil.

The food of hellfire will be from a tree growing roots from the bottom of hellfire that would never satisfy their hunger and the drink will be from a boiling liquid. They will scald their faces each time they drink

For the disbelievers they will burn in hell and each time one layer of skin is burnt Allah swt will give them a new layer. Over their head will be poured boiling water that will melt everything inside them and gush out

Allah swt says on that day that the disbelievers will be dragged through their faces into hellfire

The people of hellfire will try to climb the walls of hellfire and the angels will knock them down with hammers of iron and they will be chained and pulled down.

The people of hellfire will ask Allah for the destruction of themselves with hellfire and Allah swt will ignore them like they ignored the call of the messengers and their followers

The idols will be sent with the disbelievers to hellfire and this will be the justice of Allah. The disbelievers relied on these idols, yet neither they nor their wealth will be able to help them in hellfire.

In contrast the believers will be in Paradise/Jannah.

When the believers are being taken to their home in Jannah they will see this huge mansion, a brick of gold and a brick of silver, palaces of gold and silver and as they get closer and closer they will be stopped in their tracks as they see something even more beautiful then their house and that is their wife in Jannah.

You will go out with your wife in Jannah to look at your palace in Jannah, you see your servants and how eager they are to serve you and their garments will look like scattered pearls and you will eat and then take one of them as a guide and you will smell something beautiful and you will find that is the white soil of jannah – white shining pure musk. Then you will hear the noise of water and you will ask your guide and he will tell you this is your river under your house. You will take a cup and take a drink and it will be completely different to anything in the world and you will keep on drinking. Your guide will ask you if you want to go to see another river of yours and you will go there with your guide and your wife and this is the river of milk, it doesn’t taste like milk or look like milk and you will keep on drinking it, then your guide will tell you of another of your rivers and that is the river of honey and you will keep on drinking until your guide tells you of another river and that is the river of wine, then your guide will tell you of another river and that is the river of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) which flows from under the thrown of Allah and you will drink from there.

You’re still following your guide and you see this huge tree and you can’t even see the end of it and then you see other trees whose branches are gold and other trees with clothes and other trees with fruit. The clothes in Jannah come from the trees of jannah and you pick a leaf and they will open up to some new clothes, and you will go to another tree and it will have fruit and every fruit will taste better then the fruit from before.

The people of Jannah will have whatever they wish for. Each day they see their wife she will look more beautiful then the time before and the husbands will look more handsome each time they come home.

The people of Jannah will sit under a tree and they will remember something from the world and Allah swt will make it appear and the people of Jannah will look at it and they will have something better then that and they will wonder why the people in the world chased after this.

So we call on you to believe in islam by testifying that ‘There is no god no power nothing we rely on or worship except Allah and Muhammed (saw) is his final messenger’.

We invite you to become muslim and prepare yourself for the hereafter and save yourself from the punishment of the hellfire and of the grave.

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