View Full Version : has this ever happened to you?

12-13-2011, 05:00 PM
Today, I did not wake up for fajr - or So I think I did not... for some reason when I woke up I felt like I when I normally wake up (usually I pray fajr and go back to sleep and then wake up later) so today when I woke up normally I felt I had not prayed fajr..but then I thought about it a bit longer and I'm like wait I think I did pray it ? ...hmm

but nonetheless, I got up and prayed 2 rakat QAZA fajr...has that eve happened to you where u forgot that if you prayed or not..

on a separate occasion, I woke up for fajr salat and I was really sleepy so I did not get up but the strangest thing happened. cause I knew I had to get up and pray but didn't, when I fell a sleep again I had a dream that I got up and prayed fajr..

I think this dream was from shaytan that he was tricking me into thinking I had prayed when in fact I had not but trying to justify it so that I could continue sleeping ..^o)

has that ever happened to you?

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Muslim Woman
12-13-2011, 05:31 PM

don't remember of any such events. Sometimes have dream like that - it's time to offer salat and I am trying to do it but somehow cant' do it. Then out of tension , I wake up and can offer salat in time :statisfie , Alhamdulillah.

btw if u wanted to wake up for Fajr but somehow missed it , then dont' offer Kaza but do it as normally . I read a hadith where Prophet pbuh allowed someone to offer Fajr when he was unable to wake up in time. And Allah Knows Best.

But don't make it as ur habit and try ur best to wake up. Keep the alarm in distance so that u can't off it from bed.

12-13-2011, 07:05 PM
thanks for the tips... i usually wake up to the sound of azan from my phone but i think i slep through it today

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