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12-21-2011, 02:46 AM
Assallamualaikum all,

i know its been a long time since i've posted here. Just wanted to get some your opinion on news below. I felt like i wanted to give comments to all the news in the internet...since they are giving negative comments on islam and everything.

Hopefully someone here can cheer me out.

Thank you all in advance..

P/s:- missing everyone of you :)

All abuzz over gay union

News from this link


PETALING JAYA: The social networking sites are all abuzz over the alleged same-sex marriage involving Malaysian student Ariff Alfian Rosli and an Irish man in Dublin.

Separately, a minister said one can forget about getting the Government to legalise same-sex marriages in Malaysia.

“The similar gender marriage will not happen in our country. Full stop!” said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Most of the postings on Facebook and Twitter condemned the purported wedding, which showed the student in traditional Malay attire while the Irish man wore a Western suite.

“Ariff Alfian, God gave you intelligence but you pushed that away for a guy. What a shame,” @MarisaSoraya tweeted.

Another Twitter user @likhaSN said: “Kahwin sejenis (same-sex marriage) is already a big sin.

“Then leaving your parents to pay (off) the loan? You have a lot to tanggung (bear), Mr Ariff Alfian Rosli.”

A Facebook group named The Campaign to Bring Ariff Alfian Rosli Home to Malaysia to Save His Aqidah was set up, with members urging Ariff to return to Malaysia and seek forgiveness from his family.

However, the student who went to study medicine at the Dublin University College with a Petronas loan, also had sympathisers who supported the alleged marriage.

“I wish Ariff Alfian happy forever after with his partner. Obviously, Malaysians are not ready to accept gays here. Don't come back,” user @emmalynnaziz tweeted.

The purported same-sex marriage caused a stir across the country when pictures of the “wedding” appeared in cyberspace last Friday.

Media reports said Ariff Alfian's mother had written to him, appealing to her son to return to Malaysia and reunite with the family as well as settle his RM890,000 education loan.

Several NGOs have also lodged police reports, asking for a probe into the issue.

In Rompin, Nazri said the Government would not entertain calls to legalise same-sex marriages in Malaysia.

“The Islamic syariah laws state that only man-and-woman marriages are allowed and that is clear for everybody to accept.

“The country's constitution also makes it clear that Islam is the national religion, which means any law made or amended has to be according to the Islamic syariah,” he said after presenting government aid to flood victims here yesterday.

Nazri added that there should not be any effort to amend the marriage laws in the country.

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12-21-2011, 06:11 AM
Sorry if it's off topic...
When I was a child, homosexuality was a crime in India. As I grew up it was acceptable. Now it is legal. I'd better leave India before they make it compulsory.~Khushwant Singh
: D

12-21-2011, 06:43 AM
"Saya tidak menukar agama lain, apa yang telah dilaporkan adalah amat bertentangan dengan fakta sebenar. Saya dilahirkan sebagai seorang Muslim, saya masih seorang Muslim dan akan kekal sebagai seorang Muslim sehingga saya mati. Tiada apa-apa yang boleh menggoncangkan iman saya"

(I do not convert to other faiths, what has been reported to be very contrary to the facts. I was born a Muslim, I am still a Muslim and will remain as a Muslim until I die. Nothing can shake my faith)

Arrif Alfian comment on rumor he has leave Islam.

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