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sis muslimah
01-01-2012, 11:38 PM
The Forgotten Prisoners
In the dark cells do we hang around and wait
To hear the news about the world we hate
What’s the current situation of the Muslim nation?
Are they soldiers of Allah, or guards at the police station?

Restlessly walking around the tiny mole holes
Asking Allah to forgive us and protect our souls
Quiet it is every day and every night
Where are your letters that you used to write?

Life in the cells is indeed cold and grim
Our hearts cry out loud, deep down from within
Why are my brothers and sisters so quiet all the time?
Do you not see these chains around his legs and mine?

Yes we are the forgotten prisoners of today
All day do we wait to read what you have to say
The kaafir next door has no trouble at all
His nation never forget him, sending him many letters for sure

We do not ask for the world, sun or moon
Only duaas written on paper, that we are released soon
Paper and pen is all it takes my dear brothers
Do you have no time for those who left their mothers?

Plain are our walls, with only a written du’aa or two
From our mothers, wives, children, nieces and nephews
If only the walls were covered with the words which are great
Indeed when I see the walls, do I shudder in disgrace

What a time I am in, where I must beg for support
It hardly comes willingly – though I wish it would
I cry and I weep, eve
ry night and everyday
Remember me in your du’aas, write to me today

An ummah of 1.5 billion is just a figure of no use
You enjoy your life as you watch us tortured and abused
Our situation is no movie, why do you not understand?
Please, write to us – Let us see the words of your hand

Lonely we are in the cold cells deep
Days and nights are horrid, we can hardly sleep
Forgotten prisoners we are, our loved ones have all gone
Though our Lord is always besides us, He is the only One!

Author: Qalamul Aseer

(Help increase the emaan of brothers & sisters in prison by writing a letter of support to them via muslimprisoners@hotmail.co.uk)

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sis muslimah
01-05-2012, 10:43 PM
Where are you now, O Muslim Ummah?

When the doors were broken, and the men were taken,
You were there O Muslim Ummah.
When the walls had ears, and the roads had eyes,
You were there O Muslim Ummah

When the days went by, and I shed some tears
You were there O Muslim Ummah.
As the days came closer,
You were there O Muslim Ummah

When it started, and we were parted,
You were there O Muslim Ummah.
In times of need and in times of hardship,
You were there O Muslim Ummah

But where are you now O Muslim Ummah?

As the days pass by, and turn into night,
Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

When I shed a tear, alone in fear,
Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

When I lay in silence, alone in the dark,
Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

When I need a hand, a helping hand,
Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

When you need something, I come running,
To please my Lord, ever-so caring.

But where are you, when I need you,
O Muslim Ummah?

I’ve so many friends I should call my own,
Yet deep down I know,
I’m all alone

Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

Many are those in need of help,
From the ill, to the healthy
And even the wealthy.

But where are you O Muslim Ummah?

I differ from those, because I’m all alone
With no-one’s help, but Allah’s alone.

Where are you O Muslim Ummah?

Forget not your obligation,
To the family of the aseer
Don’t let them hold you accountable
For something that was so clear.
When they called to Mu’tasima,
The impact was great
I do not ask for that
But I sit and wait

To see you fulfil
What is obliged upon you
When all I see
Is what is recommended upon you

Do not forget us, nor neglect us
O Muslim Ummah
Do not forsake us

Its easy to help those that are nearby to us
Out of ease, and lack of hardship
But they have others who can help them
Yet we have none, but Allah al-Kareem

So where are you now, O Muslim Ummah?

Author: Wife of a Muslim Captive

sis muslimah
01-05-2012, 10:48 PM
You are better then I…

My dear brothers, how much do we have in common today?
While you are locked in a chamber, I can move any way
I am admitted to the university of Ayoub [as]
And Akhie, you are admitted to the university of Yusuf [as]
My journey and your journey are both on the same path
To enter beautiful gardens and save ourselves from Allahs wrath

Your campus is at a small prison cell
And mine is around yours
You are tested with loneliness
While I am tested with companionship

Your loneliness is light, and my companionship is dark
My deen is beside you upon every turn of your face
As for me, I get distracted, the dunya I begin to chase

While I spend my day shopping, and cruising my campus
You spend the same day reading about the One who guides us
My nights are no different – I sleep for countless hours
While you clean yourself every night at the merciful-showers

I may be free at large, though my life is harder then yours
Atleast you are not occupied in dazzles of this earth
We were both born with the fithrah, clean and pure
From the looks of it today, you are the successful for sure

Don’t be sad when you look at the four dull walls around you
The colourful world around me is just a veil over the truth
The truth for you is blatant, you enjoy it every minute
While I am a dyslexic student, I sometimes tend to bin it

The University of Ayoub [as] is just as great as Yusuf’s [as]
Though only suitable for those who are high-class students
Students who revise ignoring the world around them
Unlike people like myself who ends up forgetting every now and then

By Allah both Universities are for Students with degrees of taqwa
May Allah swt place us among them, not among ahlul hawa
I can now see you behind bars smiling, as I leave crying loud
May Allah help me be like you, before I enter my shrouds.

sis muslimah
01-05-2012, 10:56 PM
Mother, I wish to see him…

My dear brothers and sisters, listen with your hearts open
I relate to you a story, which made everything cry within the ocean
The story I am about to begin is about a very young girl
Her beauty resembled the beauty of the diamonds and peals…

Her name was Sumayyah bint Aseer
The daughter of the man whom she had never seen
Her father was locked away from seeing sun shine from above
From meeting his daughter and his wife - his most beloved

Every night Sumayyah would ask her mother where her father was
Was he in America, Britain, France or planet mars?
‘I just want to see him once mother!’ Sumayyah would cry
‘Why do you not reveal him to me, what makes you so shy?!’

My dear daughter, I have told you many times
Where your father is now is not the choice of mine
If it was in my hands, I would never have let him go
Your Lord wanted him there, we cannot say no

Where did my Lord place him? I shall leave to see him now
I have never seen him mother, please show me how
Every girl has a father, except for myself
They play with them all the time, whilst I play by myself

Sumayyah, have sabr and do not rush to where you can’t go
When your time comes to go, nothing can make your qadah slow
Please Sumayyah don’t ask me these questions again
I hope your father is doing well, and is freed from those chains

What chains mother! You had never told me this before
Please tell me mother, I need to know for sure
He is my father, I have a right to know how he is
Please mother please, don’t turn this into a quiz

My child I am sorry I wasn’t meant to reveal
I released the words accidentally, when they were meant to be sealed
Sumayyah dear, don’t worry, go to sleep
Lets see who can count the most sheep!

No mother, I cannot rest without knowing where daddy lives
I want to see him, smile at him – will tell me where he is?
I want to know how my father looks like- So that I can keep the picture in my heart
Please mother, don’t try to act smart

My princess what can I say?
That I wish your father was here with us today?
I wish it more then the twinkling stars that shine every night
I wish to see him, never leaving him from my sight

Mother, before you continue may I ask…
These stars that we see, are they there with dad?
Do they twinkle and shine for him as they do for us?
Mother, I wish he was with us!

Sumayyah honey, don’t weap my child please
If daddy saw you crying, he wouldn’t be very pleased
I’ll tell you where he is, if you promise not to ask again
Too many questions dear can drive one insane

I won’t cry mother, if that’s what my father wants
I will keep your words as a secret, hidden from everyone
Come on mother, I am waiting!
You’re too slow, and its frustrating…

Your father my dear is in a chamber very small
Theres no light, nor windows in the dark walls
Yet he is happier than all of us, do you know why?

Is it because he can see the stars twinkling in the sky?

No dear, it’s because he has his Lord with him in the same room
He has the sahaabah with him too, are they not better then the stars and the moon?
He spends all his day with them, learning his deen
He goes on trips to gardens which no eye has seen!

Mother I have made my mind up now, you will have to accept
I will defiantly go to see him now! Please do not reject!
I want to see my Lord, the sahaabah and go to the gardens too
Please mother, accept my request and don’t say no.

Sumayyah dear listen carefully to me
The only person who can see them is only he
Your Lord has destined for him to travel with the Qur’aan
To meet the sahaabah and follow Allahs commands

Okay mother, I accept with a happy heart
But will Allah give me the chance to let my journeys start?
I want to travel too, to the past desserts hot
I don’t want to meet the dumb, but the clever and smart

Yes dear, Insha’Allah you will do one day
Are you going to ask me more questions today?
Go to sleep Sumayyah, its very late
May Allah admit you to highest of the gates

Mother, I love you, for telling me all this
I wish you had told me before! Mother give me a kiss
I pray to Allah, that he protects my father all the time
And that I wake up tomorrow with my father – whose all mine.

Poem taken from the hearts of the children who have never seen their fathers till this day.

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01-06-2012, 11:58 PM

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