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View Full Version : Sarah Choudhary's speech (former Pakistani actress)

01-11-2012, 12:32 AM

Subhanallah! Allah will surely guides those who seek guidance in His path.

Beautiful talk by Sarah Choudhary.

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01-11-2012, 01:47 AM

A general summary of what she is saying would be great. Sorry, I'm not an Urdu speaker but it sounds like a good vid, I enjoy reading about people's repentance, reminds me of Allah swt maghfira. :statisfie

JazakAllahu Khayran in advance. :)

01-11-2012, 04:27 AM
^^ She is just explaining why and how she chained. She highlights how her career in show biz and media was an ignorant decision on her part and that no one was there to guide her, but now she has learnt more about her deen and that she wants to learn more about quran and that she is leaving that world of stardom. She also urged Muslims to open and understand Quran.

That was the basic summary of her speech. Hope that helped.

01-11-2012, 05:54 PM
SubhAn Allah...sister Jazak Allah khayr for sharing this video. Allah (swt) Guides whomsoever Wills to be guided...

To all Pakistanis here forward it to all Pakistani Muslims..... and i am not surprised at all that Pakistani Media hasn't spoken about this because they have been busy showing and promoting how Veena Malik is living her godless lifestyle in India. Shame on them.

This is what we've come to...our Pakistani sisters are killing themselves over these so called stars

Musical concert claims three lives in Lahore


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01-12-2012, 01:21 AM
yea i read about that aaataaaf aslaaam concert stampede.

01-12-2012, 09:05 AM
JazaKAllah Khayran CosmicPathos.

Did she mention what was the first thing that made her think about Islam? Actors and famous people tend to be depressed people. They have everything in the world, but with no Islam they don't have happiness. And you can just tell.

01-12-2012, 11:47 AM
"The Change": speech of sara choudhry (Former Pakistani Actress/Model who repented) with english translation

Herself fully covered in Niqab: Sarah Chaudhry From - Actress to DAAI

For the benefit of brothers and sisters who do not know Urdu.

Rough Translation from Urdu to English:

Sara Choudry:

Nahmadu WA nusali Ala rasulinal kareem

A`ūdhu billāhi min ash-shaitāni r-rajīmi

b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi,

Rabish sharh li sadri WA yasir li amri

"O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness). (25) "And ease my task for me; (26)

Asalamu alaikum WA rahmatullahi WA barakahu

U all know me by name of Sara choudry, , you must have seen me, today I am here to share with you my experience: The change, how did I come here, my journey, I will share with you my experience: "the change" , how did I change, how I am here.why?
InshAllah, I will try to tell you , my journey.

First of all I thank Allah,He always give you more than you expect He gives more,

When I was normal, I did not know and thought I will become something, everyone will know me,recognize me, follow me, look at me.
I will become celebrity,when I became that, never thought I will become those who will spread His deen inshAllah, for this I am thankful to Allah.more I thank Allah still it is less.

Many people ask :Why now, when you were doing, didn't anyone tell u, forbid you ,frankly, yes they did say, people told wrong they will answer its wrong, why but did not give reason, we need proofs,definitely,our generation need proofs. Do we,Don't we?There was no one who would tell why?

Scholars would say its social work, you are educating people, you should carry on. Religious people (Maulvi hazrat) would say, MashaAllah, child is doing good work , definately I was not aware.

Our favourite ayat pick and follow,for our ease, like deeds are according to intention.

Inna mal amal biniyat, people use this as rule for their life.They say Whatever you do, even if you kill.I am doing bad ,my intentiion is good.Allah will forgive but then, Why did he send Quran, the reckoning, why did He made rules, prayer, fast.

I was only girl in family, I wanted to become son ,I wanted to become strong woman, my desire to become like a boy.I wanted to do something. Some people in Beginning said don't do, no daleel.

Later on, however there was one thing inside me, I wanted to see my Allah, where is He, what is he trying to tell us.

I prayed, fast, recite Quran. Without understanding we say alhamdulilahi Rabil alameen,that's it whats the meaning, don't know,life will become easy, Allah will send blessings

In my Innocence or ignorance,after every salah Ya Allah guide me ,did not know, lead me to straight path. Ya Allah fill my heart with light of eman, not aware of hidayah guidance.

lead me to straight path. I thought that,this is the way. Allah had plans for me ,

He gives everything
He gives late, but He gives. Guidance, knowledge, wealth , just hav to be content, wait for it.

Allah sent my husband as guidance.we met, he was aware of Quran, discussed. We are born Muslims we take it for granted.we think, we are from ummah of Muhammad (salalhu wa alaihe wa sallam) we will go to Paradise.

My husband faisal khan was the source of guidance for me.

He was aware of Quran, also not following it, but busy in dunya, discussed, he said its wrong in start, I said its just social work, whats wrong in that, he kept silent.because he had no proofs

He prayed, he said its wrong.certain Incidents, his brother got ill doctors said after 1 hour , he will die,he kept praying and crying. I was praying at that time.Miracle happened, Saved his life.

So thought what are we?We are so humble we can not move a leaf.where are we going,we are living running blank space, what is the goal in the end,what is the purpose of life,

Prayer, why we want to pray , we have problems in business.so get blessings in business, he started listening to Quran,people, once again understanding it ,he made me understand. I started understanding Quran

In between there were some (Islami tahwar) Islamic celebrations/rituals, people said Allah said this for importance of this day.

Husband was living in Uae, while i was living in pakistan,he asked ,why are you celebrating, its not in Quran. I said people are saying it that these are special days.ok he said you go and search, I am not telling you.

I didn't find in Quran and hadith, nor in history of islam.

I am myself a student, I am trying to learn, inshAllah. I found verse In Surah al-baqarah ,

When it is said to them follow Quran,they say no we will follow our forefathers.

I said,Yes that's what I am doing also, because my father told me, my mother told me, my grandfather told me this.

I was in a position , I started thinking.

why I am doing this, where is Allah and Quran in our life.

I read Surah nur and al-ahzab,in which there are orders of Purdah (Full veil).

We are excited to see some sign,We want to see fairy .like this ,definitely we desire to see Allah.

we want to see Allah, these are words of Allah, He is talking to us.what is better than that, do the hijab, cover yourself,

Allah 's words. We want signs, do the hijab cover urself, don't show it to anyone, then y are we confused, y follow others.we watch our mother sister,she does that, why we need that.

Then after salah,i would make dua in sajdah/prostation,oh Allah I have realized, now I know the meaning of my life.I felt the pain because I could not get rid at the same moment.

I could not leave, my family would support me.my mama used say to me that I want you to become so good that u become so close to Allah at'la,that you have nur (light)

when I became star she forgot, That was her first dream , what I am today now.

Nobody was supporting me except my husband, I got married in between, I was working,I had to continue, was not getting power.

( Weeping) I want to quit,how can I tell people it is wrong.

I kept praying, praying , praying.

I told everyone I am leaving (dramas) these are last 3 months, alhamdulilaah, alhamdulilaah, Allah made it so easy for me that it felt like somebody took me out of it .
Once I got married I left it

I started thinking, it should. I sit and besilent. Weep over my Sins all my life.then Allah showed me the way, I shall understand Quran and share it with people .

Study Quran and share. People are so confused, in darkness, in television.

In TV people say, men should lower gaze. Why don't they say about women.why not? Whats so difficult Its not difficult.,people say how she did hijab, I don't feel bad, I don't feel it is difficult.I feel so protected,(( takbeer))

Now I feel, I am a jewel, I am a diamond, I am not showpiece.(weeps)

People say when guidance is destined, we will get it.

When you will ask guidance then you will get.

Open ur heart.be ready. When u love someone else, I love him/her blindly, I will do any thing for him/her, loss of sleep and food.

Why not for Allah, why are we so confused for Allah, He has given us life, why not submit ourslves for Him, we do everything for study, for jobs, family, why not for Allah .

I don't want to be as an ideal as Sara Choudry, people say you are ideal, we follow you,but now ,no, I don't want to be.

My role model my ideal is Aisha r.a now.. (((Takbeer)))

I want to be like her, like Fatimah

I don't want to be bollywood stars Hollywood stars or anyone,

They are my role models.

Please everyone.

Please try to understand Quran, its very important for us.

People say in Islam woman is weak oppressed, like this that ...but I say woman has high status,I say woman is strong .

After Allah , she is the one who brings a child in this world or not,

She has the right whether she makes a child a good Muslim, a good human leader or not.

Definately,Its not small thing to share,if I can submit, why can't u.

Lastly she said a famous poetic verse:

Meri zindagi ka maqsad meray deen ki sarfarzi

Mae es liya musalman Mae es liya namazi


My life's mission is to make my deen superior
Because of that I am a Muslim, I am the one who is praying salah

sis muslimah
01-15-2012, 01:39 AM

jazakallahu khair for sharing sis

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