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View Full Version : Have I disobeyed my dad?

01-12-2012, 02:41 AM
my family is in financial difficulty as many of the families that are who migrated to North America.

Consumed in debt and paying interest every month or biweekly is the norm in my house.

My dad has ruined my brothers credit, my sisters credit and now he was to use my credit card to pay a bill.

As an example, my brother has 8000 dollar outstanding on his credit card which has a DAILY rate of interest of 24.99%... DAILY...

My parents simply do not have the money to pay it off ..

My dad asked me for my credit card to pay a bill and I am not even working right now so I know I would not be able to pay it and would occur interest every month.

I have given him my credit card or even cash before when I was working if he needed to pay a bill.

Today I said "no dad, I can't give you the card...I don't want to accumulate interest" and him being the brown father he is began shouting saying things like "I'll never ask for any money from you again"....

I feel bad, but what am I to do? Was I right in this regard to say no because I do not want to accumulate interest and I do not have the money to pay it off? .

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Sothis Girl
01-29-2012, 03:38 PM
No my friend.....Maybe you have disobeyed him, but for a very good reason and commonsense. I've never known that credit card interest is that crazily high....:heated: have you tried loan consolidation to resolve the debt? I'm not an American, but I've heard about it a lot. Sorry for being blunt - I'm not financial expert but in my opinion, I think paying monthly bills from CC is simply bad decision. It's a quick fix alright - but the consequences are much worse. you better cover your bills from day job or if the salary can't cover it, maybe family's bank savings, but certainly not CC.

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