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Abu Muslim
03-12-2012, 03:46 PM

Lessons from Quraan | The Most Beautiful Names

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“Say: Call upon Allaah, or call upon al-Rahman: By whatever name you call upon Him, (it is well): For to Him belong the most beautiful names.” [Israa 17:110]

  • Knowledge of Allaah and His Names and Attributes is the noblest and best of all knowledge, because the level of honour of any kind of knowledge has to do with the object of knowledge, and the object of knowledge in this case is Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted, through His Names, Attributes and Deeds.
  • Tawheed al-Asma’ wa’l-Sifaat (Oneness of the Divine Names and Attributes); this means affirming the names and attributes of Allaah and believing that there is none like unto Allaah in His names and attributes.
  • The belief of a Muslim is that he should affirm that which Allaah has affirmed for Himself in His Book or that His Prophet (salAllaahu alayhi wa salam) has affirmed of His beautiful names and sublime attributes in a manner that suits the Majesty and Greatness of Allaah, without distorting them, twisting their meanings, denying their reality or discussing how they are.
  • The Muslim also denies that Allaah has any faults and denying any shortcomings that He has denied Himself. The evidence for that is the words of Allaah: “There is nothing like Him, and He is the All‑Hearer, the All‑Seer”[al-Shoora 42:11]. So He has denied that He bears any resemblance to His creation, and affirmed that He has attributes of perfection in a manner that befits Him, may He be glorified
  • We should make dua’aa to Allaah with the Most beautiful names which he has revealed to us and the manner in which He and Prophet Muhammad (salAllaahu alayhi wa salam) have described Him.
  • Some of the names of Allaah are mention in the Quraan, others are found in the Sunnah. Some of them are only known to Allaah.
  • Each name of Allaah has a meaning, we should understand the meanings of these names.
  • The Prophet (salAllaahu alayhi wa salam) said: “Allaah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. Whoever learns them will enter Paradise.” [Bukhari, 2736]
  • However, the names of Allah are not limited to 99. Allaah has commanded us to call upon Him by His names in general terms, He did not say that He has only ninety-nine names. Imam Nawawi stated in Sharh Saheeh Muslim that the scholars were unanimously agreed on that.

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