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07-30-2012, 03:02 AM
Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatohu

I Seek Refuge in Allah from the Evil in me and asks his Forgiveness.If anything posted here benefits then credit is due to Allah(swt) alone and the errors are all mine.

I've been a silent spectator of the current events specially Arab Spring.All of this has started from At-Tahrir Square with frequent uprisings in Tunisia,Libya,Syria,Bahrain and Saudi Arabia against the tyrants and oppressors.I would be a normal witness of events until I heard a lecture on "Re-advent of Isa(A.S)" by Dr.Israr Ahmed. The lecture doesn't deal with the Arab issue but it had managed to create a strong link between the Arab Massacre and The End of Times prophecies.In his opinion,Arabs will be the first one to gets targeted as they have a heavy responsibility on their shoulders. The Arabs, being the guardians of the Arabic language, are responsible for the propagation of Quran which they can do in a much better way than Non-Arabs can.Especially due to their natural affinity with the language.After listening to the lecture, it intrigues my interest to study more about what is really going on in the world today. Despite all the media attention focusing on the Arabian uprisings across the region, I find that there is a lot more going on that we are being led to believe…

Mentioned in Sunan Tirmidhi:
"Signs following one another like the pieces of a necklace falling one after the other when its string is cut."

Narrated Usama bin Zaid:Once the Prophet stood over one of the high buildings of Medina and then said (to the people), "Do you see what I see?" They said, "No." He said, "I see afflictions falling among your houses as rain drops fall." Volume 9, Book 88, Number 182 Afflictions And The End Of The World Hadith 249. (Sahih Bukhari)

Imagine these hadeeth prophecies being fulfilled if you will: while some are already been;

Narrated ByZainab bint Jahsh: That one day Allah's Apostle entered upon her in a state of fear and said, "None has the right to be worshipped but Allah! Woe to the Arabs from the Great evil that has approached (them). Today a hole has been opened in the dam of Gog and Magog like this." The Prophet made a circle with his index finger and thumb. Zainab bint Jahsh added: I said, "O Alllah's Apostle! Shall we be destroyed though there will be righteous people among us?" The Prophet said, "Yes, if the (number) of evil (persons) increased." Vol 9, Book 88. Afflictions And The End Of The World Hadith 249. (SahihBukhari)

Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah *, said, "Woe to the Arabs from an evil that is indeed near - trials like pieces of the dark, black night. In the morning, a man will be a believer, but in the night, he will be a disbeliever. People will sell their religion for a paltry, worldly sum. At that time, one who is adhering to his religion will be like one who is grasping on embers," or he said, "on thorns." (Ahmad)

Umm Sharik reported: I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The people would run away from the Dajjal seeking shelter in the mountains. She said: Where would be the Arabs then in that day? He said: They would be small in number.(Book 41. Turmoil And Portents Of The Last Hour Hadith 7035.) (Sahih Muslim)

Umm Shareek, the daughter of Abu Al-'Askar said, "0 Messenger of Allah, where will the Arabs be during those days?" He said, "They will be few, and most of them will be in Jerusalem.(Sahih Muslim){I shortened it as its been mentioned before but without the last statement}

Narrated by Umama a long Hadith from Prophet(SAAWS) where Umm Sharik said: Where would be the Arabs then in that day?He said: They would be small in number? And from that remaning Arabs,most of them will be in Bait-ul-Muqaddas (Sham) and their leader will be a pious man.When their leader will move forward to lead the Morning prayers,then,Isa(A.S) will descend from the sky.The leader will step back so that Isa(A.S) will lead the prayers but Isa(A.S) will put his hand on his back between his shoulders and say Move forward and lead the prayers because the Aqamah was called for you.Then the Imam will lead the prayers to all people. Sunan IbnMajah 307,308

Narrated By Abdullah ibnAmribn al-'As: The Prophet (pbuh) said: There will be Fitnah (i.e. dissension) which wipes out the Arabs, and their slain will go to Hell. During it the tongue will be more severe than blows of the sword.{Ahmad, At-Tirmidhee, and IbnMaajah related it as well, but through different chains)}.Book 30.Trials and Fierce Battles.Hadith 4252. (Abu Dawud)

AbûHurayrah (radiAllâhuanhu) said, The Prophet said, "Time will pass rapidly, knowledge will decrease, miserliness will become widespread in peoples hearts, afflictions will appear, and there will be much Harj." The people asked, "O Messenger of Allah, what is Harj?" He said, "Killing, killing!" (al-Bukhârî)

'Auf bin Malik reported: "I came to the Prophet, Allah blessed him and granted him peace, during the battle of Tabuk while he was in a leather tent, and he said: 'Count six things before the last hour: my death, then the conquest of Jerusalem, then the pestilence that will overtake you like the disease of cattle, then the excess of wealth, so much that when a man shall be given a hundred dinars he shall remain dissatisfied, then revolution from which not a single house in Arabia shall be spared, then a treaty between you and the Westerners (Banu Asfar - the Romans), but they shall cheat you and march against you under 80 banners with 12000 soldiers under each banner. (Bukhari)

Abu Nadra reported: We were in the company of Jabir b. 'Abdullah that he said it may happen that the people of Iraq may not send their qafiz and dirhams (their measures of food stuff and their money). We said, “Who would be responsible for it?” He said, “The non-Arabs would prevent them.” He again said, “There is the possibility that the people of Syria may not send their dinar and mudd.” We said, “Who would be responsible for it?” He said, “This prevention would be made by the Romans.” He (Jabir b. Abdullah) kept quiet for a while and then reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) having said There would be a caliph in the last (period) of my Ummah who would freely give handfuls of wealth to the people without counting it. I said to Abu Nadra and Abu al-'Ala, “DO you mean 'Umarb. 'Abd al-Aziz?” They said, “No (he would be Imam Mahdi).”Muslim: Book 41, Number 6961

This Hadith is very interesting. It states that Iraq will be subjected to sanctions by non-Arabs whereby they will not export any food or money. The non-Arab part is fascinating since when the sanctions were against Iraq imposed in 1991, out of the 15 Security Council nations, Yemen, the only Arab country on the Council then, voted against the sanctions. Then the Prophet talked about sanctions against Syria. A Dirham is like a dime and a Dinar is like a dollar. Hence, the sanctions against Syria will be to a lesser extent than those against Iraq. I am checking further into the food measures and the difference in money. The Prophet blamed the Syrian sanctions on the Romans (Europeans: the white race - US, UK and Australia and maybe others will join them). The Prophet finally consoled the Muslims stating that these sanctions are indications of the end of the dark age and that the sanctions will be followed by a Khalifa that will not count money but give it by handfuls (or measures).

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: “Iraq would withhold its dirhams and qafiz; Syria would withhold its mudd and dinar and Egypt would withhold its irdab and dinar and you would recoil to that position from where you started and you would recoil to that position from where you started and you would recoil to that position from where you started, the bones and the flesh of Abu Huraira would bear testimony to it.Muslim: Book 41, Number 6923

Take a Look at the hadith below,didn't we saw a second fall of Baghdad just a few years back:

Mustaurid al-Qurashi reported: I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The Last Hour wouldn't come until the Romans would form the majority amongst people. 'Amr said to him (MustauridQurashi): See what you are saying? He said: I say what I heard from Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him).Book 41. Turmoil And Portents Of The Last Hour Hadith 6925. (Sahih Muslim)

"We were sitting in the company of Jabir bin Abdullah when he said: Soon the people of Iraq will neither receive any food nor any money." We asked, "Why would such a thing happen?" He replied, "Because of the non-Arabs. Soon the people of Shaam (Syria) will neither receive any money nor grain." We asked as to why this would happen. He replied, "Because of the Romans [Europeans/Christians]."(Tirmidhi)

We are living in a very interesting period of history, where darkness is dominating light.Difference between Appearance and Reality becomes considerable, and just in case some of us are still sleeping - we are witnessing the fitnah of Dajjaal,this his age where we can see but we can't see.What we need is more than our mere eyes we need to light our hearts from the Noor of Allah(s.w.t).The need to Read,Recite,Reflect,Understand Quran and Study Ahadiths is a neccessity in order to know not only the "Outside" world but the "Inner" world.To cut a long story short,Time to go back to the Roots once again!!


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07-30-2012, 06:59 AM
I wanted to comment that Arabs are already small in numbers making up only 20% of the Muslim population so even though it does seem like a very sad thing at the same time shows the enormity of Islam and how far and wide it reached!
Allah swt knows best


07-30-2012, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by منوة الخيال
I wanted to comment that Arabs are already small in numbers making up only 20% of the Muslim population so even though it does seem like a very sad thing at the same time shows the enormity of Islam and how far and wide it reached!
Allah swt knows best

Thats not actually what prophet(Saw) meant, he(Saw) meant actually that alot of arabs would be killed through bloodshed, wars and other fitnah. Very sad reality, i think no one of us could handle that. Its not entirely true either that all of the arabs will be wiped out. most of them would be in al-quds and as-shaam. which is good also, means that israel will be destroyed by then Insha'Allah

Not that arabs will be small in comparison to the whole muslim world.

Everyone prepared for these coming times of great fitan and hardships?
Insha'Allah HE will aid us through all of this.

Even in Europe there alot of nazi-partys coming to power now, in greece, germany and spain, also in france. We know who would be their target....us.

07-30-2012, 01:27 PM
Whether through slaughter or being outnumbered by other Muslims Allah swt knows best as you can clearly see Arabs aren't singled out with comparison to other Muslims none are spared from Myanmar to china to Afghanistan to Bosnia etc etc millions of slaughter-- you yourself said they're coming after us and you're not an Arab am I correct? I don't believe everything should be taken so literally- Sure that's one meaning and possible but not the only possible interpretation in the face of the actual facts. Arabs are greatly dwarfed as by the number of other Muslims. Al7mdullilah that it isn't just an 'Arab's religion' as the kaffir cretins allege.

Also on preparedness .. The prophet pbuh stated we shouldn't desire to meet the enemy but if we do to be steadfast. We are a long way off from warriors we love life too much and have forgotten the art of warfare.
People of Syria specifically should at least be digging ditches so hamper the tanks that descend on the daily for slaughter not offer themselves up in broad day light through chants. Something grand is soon to take place there with Iran on one side Syria being its only regional ally and Turkey from the other side and a massive cleanse to sunnis will take place there's no denying it is already happening all over!

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07-30-2012, 02:11 PM
Thought you might find this to be of particular interest to this thread, in order to drive he point home:

HISTORY LESSON #03: 18 Secret Mercenary Armies of The CIA

1. Ukrainian Partisans

From 1945 to 1952 the CIA trained and aerially supplied Ukranian partisan units which had originally been organised by he Germans to fight the Soviets during WWII. For seven years, the partisans, operating in the Carpathian Mountains, made sporadic attacks. Finally in 1952, a massive Soviet military force wiped them out.

2. Chinese Brigade in Burma

After the Communist victory in China, Nationalist Chinese soldiers fled into northern Burma. During the early 1950s, the CIA used these soldiers to create a 12,000 man brigade which made raids into Red China. However, the Nationalist soldiers found it more profitable to monopolise the local opium trade.

3. Guatemalan Rebel Army

After Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz legalised that country’s communist party and expropriated 400,000 acres of United Fruit banana plantations, the CIA decided to overthrow his government. Guatemalan rebels were trained in Honduras and backed up with a CIA air contingent of bombers and fighter planes. This army invaded Guatemala in 1954, promptly toppling Arbenz’s regine.

4. Sumatran Rebels

In an attempt to overthrow Indonesian president Sukarno in 1958, the CIA sent paramilitary experts and radiooperators to the island of Sumatra to organise a revolt. With CIA air support, the rebel army attacked but was quickly defeated. The American government denied involvement even after a CIA b-26 was shot down and its CIA pilot, Allen Pope, was captured.

5. Khamba Horsemen

After the 1950 Chinese invasion of Tibet, the CIA began recruiting Khamba horsemen – fierce warriors who supported Tibet’s religious leader, the Dalai Lama – as they escaped into India in 1959. These Khambas were trained in modern warfare at Camp Hale, high in the rocky mountains near Leadville, Colorado. Transported back to Tibet by the CIA operated Air American, the Khambas organised an army number at its peak some 14,000. By the mid-1960s the Khambas had been abandoned by the CIA but they fought on alone until 1970.

6. Bay of Pigs Invasion Force

In 1960, CIA operatives recruited 1,500 Cuban refugees living in Miami and staged a surprise attack on Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Trained at a base in Guatemala, this small army – complete with an air force consisting of B-26 bombers – landed at the Bay of Pigs on April 19, 1961. The ill-conceived, poorly planned operation ended in disaster, since all but 150 men of the force were either killed or captured within three days.

7. L’armee Clandestine

In 1962, CIA agents recruited Meo tribesmen living in the mountains of Laos to fight as guerrillas against Communist Pathet Lao forces. Called l’armee Clandestine, this unit – paid, trained, and supplied by the CIA – grew into a 30,000 man force. By 1975 the Meos – who had numbers a quarter million in 1962 – had been reduced to 10,000 refugees fleeing into Thailand.

8. Nung Mercenaries

A Chinese hill people living in Vietname, the Nungs were hired and organised by the CIA as a mercenary force, during the Vietnam war. Fearsome and brutal fighters, the Nungs were employed throughout Vietnam and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The Nungs proved costly since they refused to fight unless constantly supplied with beer and prostitutes.

9. Peruvian Regiment

Unable to quell guerrilla forces in its eastern Amazonian provinces, Peru called on the US for help in the mid-1960s. The CIA responded by establishing a fortified camp in the area and hiring local Peruvians who were trained by Green Beret personnel on loan from the US army. After crushing the guerrillas, the elite unit was disbanded because of fears it might stage a coup against the government.

10. Congo Mercenary Force

In 1964, during the Congolese Civil War, the CIA established an army in the Congo to back pro-Western leaders Cyril Adoula and Joseph Mobutu. The CIA imported European mercenaries and Cuban pilots – exiles from Cuba – to pilot the CIA air force, composed of transports and B-26 Bombers.

11. The Cambodian Coup

For over 15 years, the CIA had tried various unsuccessful means of deposing Cambodia’s left-leaning Prince Norodom Sihanouk, including assassination attempts. However, in March, 1970, a CIA-backed coup finally did the job. Funded by US tax dollars, armed with US weapons, and trained by American Green Berets, anti-Sihanouk forces called Kampuchea Khmer Krom (KKK) overran the capital of Phnom Penh and took control of the government. With the blessing of the CIA and the Nixon administration, control of Cambodia was placed in the hands of Lon Nol, who would later distinguish himself by dispatching soldiers to butcher tens of thousands of civilians.

12. Kurd Rebels

During the early 1970s the CIA moved into eastern Iraq to organize and supply the Kurds of that area, who were rebelling against the pro-Soviet Iraqi government. The real purpose behind this action was to help the shah of Iran settle a border dispute with Iraq favourably. After an Iranian-Iraq settlement was reached, the CIA withdrew its support from the Kurds, who were then crushed by the Iraqi Army.

13. Angola Mercenary Force

In 1975, after years of bloody fighting and civil unrest in Angola, Portugal resolved to relinquish its hold on the last of its African colonies. The transition was to take place on November 11, with control of the country going to whichever political faction controlled the capital city of Luanda on that date. In the months preceding the change, three groups vied for power: the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). By July 1975, the Marxist MPLA had ousted the moderate FNLA and UNITA from Luanda, so the CIA decided to intervene covertly. Over $30 million was spent on the Angolan operation, the bulk of the money going to buy arms and pay French andSouth African mercenaries, who aided the FNLA and UNITA in their fight. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, US officials categorically denied any involvement in the Angolan conflict. In the end, it was a fruitless military adventure, for the MPLA assumed power and controls Angola to this day.

14. Afghan Mujaheedin

Covert support for the groups fighting against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began under President Jimmy Carter in 1979, and was stepped up during the administration of Ronald Reagan. The operation succeeded in its initial goal, as the Soviets were forced to begin withdrawing their forces in 1987. Unfortunately, once the Soviets left, the US essentially ignored Afghanistan as it collapsed into a five-year civil war followed by the rise of the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban. The Taliban provided a haven for Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, the perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

15. Salvadoran Death Squads

As far back as 1964, the CIA helped form ORDEN and ANSESAL, two paramilitary intelligence networks that developed into the Salvadoran death squads. The CIA trained ORDEN leaders in the use of automatic weapons and surveillance techniques, and placed several leaders on the CIApayroll. The CIA also provided detailed intelligence on Salvadoran individuals later murdered by the death squads. During the civil war in El Salvador from 1980 to 1992, the death squads were responsible for 40,000 killings. Even after a public outcry forced President Reagan to denounce the death squads in 1984, CIA support continued.

16. Nicaraguan Contras

On November 23, 1981, President Ronald Reagan signed a top secret National Security Directive authorising the CIA to spend $19 million to recruit and support the Contras, opponents of Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. In supporting the Contras, the CIA carried out several acts of sabotage without the Congressional intelligence committees giving consent – or even being informed beforehand. In response, Congress passed the Boland Amendment, prohibiting the CIA from providing aid to the Contras. Attempts to find alternate sources of funds led to the Iran-Contra scandal. It may also have led the CIA and the Contras to become actively involved in drug smuggling. In 1988, the Senate Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism, and International Operations concluded that individuals in the Contra movement engaged in drug trafficking; that known drug traffickers provided assistance to the Contras; and that ‘there are some serious questions as to whether or not US officials involved in Central America failed to address the drug issue for fear of jeopardizing the war effort against Nicaragua’.

17. Haitian Coup

In 1988, the CIA attempted to intervene in Haiti’s elections with a ‘covert action program’ to undermine the campaign of the eventual winner, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Three years later, Aristide was overthrown in a bloody coup that killed more than 4,000 civilians. Many of the leaders of the coup had been on the CIA payroll since the mid-1980s. For example, Emmanuel ‘Toto’ Constant, the head of FRAPH, a brutal gang of thugs known for murder, torture, and beatings, admitted to being a paid agent of the CIA. Similarly, the CIA-created Haitian National Intelligence Service (NIS), supposedly created to combat drugs, functioned during the coup as a ‘political intimidation and assassination squad.’ In 1994, an American force of 20,000 was sent to Haiti to allow Aristide to return. Ironically, even after this, the CIA continued working with FRAPH and the NIS. In 2004, Aristide was overthrown once again, with Aristide claiming that US forces had kidnapped him.

18. Venezuelan Coup Attempt

On April 11, 2002, Venezuelan military leaders attempted to overthrow the country’s democratically-elected left-wing president, Hugo Chavez. The coup collapsed after two days as hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets and as units of the military joined with the protestors. The administration of George W. Bush was the only democracy in the Western Hemisphere not to condemn the coup attempt. According to intelligence analyst Wayne Madsen, the CIA had actively organised the coup: ‘The CIA provided Special Operations Group personnel, headed by a lieutenant colonel on loan from the US Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to help organise the coup against Chavez.

Top 18 Secret Mercenary Armies of the CIA

وَإِذْ يَمْكُرُ بِكَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا لِيُثْبِتُوكَ أَوْ يَقْتُلُوكَ أَوْ يُخْرِجُوكَ وَيَمْكُرُونَ

وَيَمْكُرُ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ

Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.


07-30-2012, 02:45 PM
Even women are taking arms:

Dressed in full green camouflage, machine-gun ammunition slung around her neck, Thwaiba Kanafani stands amid dozens of gun-toting men in northern Syria, all members of the Free Syrian Army.
“I came from Canada to answer the call of my homeland,” Ms. Kanafani says in a YouTube video announcing her decision, posted on July 7 and translated from Arabic. “To enlist myself in the Syrian Free Army and join the Banner of Damascus Falcons Troop of Aleppo Martyrs, special missions. A message to the free ladies in Syria to immediately join the Free Army to work with our [defending] brothers and fight al-Assad militias.”

In May, the trained engineer and 41-year-old mother of two left her comfortable life in downtown Toronto for the battle zone.
She has become one of the few women to enlist as a soldier in the Syrian rebel movement that has been fighting for 16 months to oust the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. Soon, possibly next week, she said she will be made a commander of the Free Army.
“When you see that kids are being killed this way, women are being raped, men and women, everybody is being killed,” she said in an interview over Skype with the National Post. “You can’t sit down. I was burning in my chair, I can’t continue ignoring this.”
Reuters / Abdo
Free Syrian Army members, under the name of Farouq Brigades, undergo combat training on Monday.

Ms. Kanafani, who was born in Damascus and later worked in the United Arab Emirates before moving to Canada in 2002, had been watching the conflict from afar since it began. An engineer by trade, she had been running her own consulting company, which helps construct solar energy systems, while also being a full-time mother to her six-year-old son, Omar, and three-year-old daughter, Gazal, she says.
From her family’s apartment in the Wellesley Avenue and Sherbourne Street area of Toronto, Ms. Kanafani kept in touch with many activists and other Syrians via the Internet. As the conflict dragged on — there have been an estimated 17,129 deaths since the uprising began, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights — and shocking images of human rights atrocities trickled out of Syria, Ms. Kanafani wanted to offer her help, in person.
“I did encourage her,” said her older brother, Mohamad Kanafani, from Perth, Australia. “Sometimes you don’t think things will go to that limit. But what she did is something we are proud of, and we [her family] do support her in that.”
Ms. Kanafani travelled to the region in May, first to Egypt where her husband and two children currently are, then later to Turkey, near the border with Syria, to meet with rebel leaders and activists.
Thwaiba Kanafani announcing her intentions.

Those in Turkey connected her with the rebels in Syria, and she met with them.
“When I came here, I found how brave [the rebels] are, how good they are … I basically decided to join them,” she said.
Ms. Kanafani offered to help on the front lines, either as a soldier or administering first aid. She demonstrated her knowledge of light weapons, she says, a skill garnered during her school years in Syria.
Ms. Kanafani announced her decision via social media — surprising her husband, friends and most family members. “I just decided. I didn’t seek any permission from anybody,” she said.

Ms. Kanafani said she misses her kids, both of whom were born in Canada, but also feels called toward the children of Syria.
“I want to be with them to support them. Because they really need help.”
The Assad regime has been accused of targeting children in the uprising. Human rights groups also say children have been tortured at centres throughout the country.
The rebels gave her some weapons training, but decided her skills and knowledge would be better utilized in a strategic role.
“They said, ‘No, we are so scared that we will lose you’, and all that. And then they said ‘Don’t do any activities’…. it was more than enough for them that I joined them publicly.”
Her brother is concerned about her safety but says, “I’m sure my sister can manage herself. She’s a smart girl.”
Ms. Kanafani will soon receive an army title, she says, a term difficult to translate from Arabic but is similar to commander.
For now, she is working out of Antakya, Turkey, roughly 110 kilometres away from Aleppo, Syria, where her troop, the Aleppo Martyrs, is based. From there, Ms. Kanafani is co-ordinating with other Free Syrian Army leaders in Turkey and Syria, in an attempt to unite the rebel factions and create a political office to represent them, she says.
“We want to organize the whole army because they are so disunited, everybody is following his own trend and interest…. This way, we can make sure that they follow one leadership,” she said.
Diplomatic efforts to date have done little to quell the violence, and no solution seems imminent.
Ms. Kanafani’s long-term plans, however, are not set in stone. She has an airplane ticket to return to Canada in about two months, she says.
“I’m hoping the revolution will be over in this period of time. If not, then I don’t know if I will extend my stay, because I feel so bad. I am leaving my soul. It is going to be very difficult for me to leave while the revolution is still on.”
National Post, with files from Reuters

God I hate kaffirs and their comments.. may Allah swt d@mn them to kingdom come!


07-30-2012, 02:47 PM
This sister, Masha-Allah.

I'm speechless.


07-30-2012, 02:48 PM
in shaa Allah her intentions are pure.. may Allah swt grant us Nasr and Shahada!


07-30-2012, 03:28 PM

I'm not one to predict, but i think it might be a possibility that both jordan and saudi arabia or qatar are next.

''Qatar plans to buy 200 German tanks – newspaper''

Qatar’s Ministry of Defense intends to buy up to 200 Leopard tanks from Germany for some 2 billion euro. Exploratory talks between the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Company and Qatar military delegation are already through, reports Der Spiegel magazine.The magazine has not disclosed the source of the information.Currently the Qatari military has 30 French-made AMX-30B2 Brenus tanks developed and delivered to the customer in the late 1980s.Der Spiegel revealed that the German Security Council, consisting of the Chancellor and the key ministers, has not yet discussed the issue of selling tanks to Qatar, though the Economy Ministry and the Chancellery are expected to back the deal.The news comes as a most welcome addition to earlier reports this year that Saudi Arabia is intended to buy the same Leopard 2 tanks from the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann / German Rheinmetall industrial group consortium in a record quantity of up to 800 units.Despite rising opposition from some political parties which call into question Qatar's human rights record, Germany’s recent arms sales initiatives are securely supported by the defense industry lobby’s call for the revision of the German arms sales policy. The lobbyists insist that the “blacklist” of countries to which German arms should not be exported to must be reconsidered.It must be noted that most of the oil rich states of the Persian Gulf – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – have started modernization of their armed forces and announced multibillion-dollar arms purchases in anticipation of a possible conflict between the Islamic republic of Iran and the US-led coalition of Western democracies and their Arab allies.Official Tehran has never hesitated to share the progress of military modernization in the country that started decades ago when the West refused to sell Iran arms after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.


''Dubai police chief warns of Muslim Brotherhood, Iran threat''

(Reuters) - Dubai's chief of police has warned of an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries, saying the region needs to be prepared to counter any threat from Islamist dissidents as well as Syria and Iran.
The comments by Dahi Khalfan, one of the most outspoken security officials in the United Arab Emirates, follow the detention in the UAE since April of at least 20 dissidents, according to relatives of the detainees and activists.
"There's an international plot against Gulf states in particular and Arab countries in general...This is preplanned to take over our fortunes," Khalfan told reporters at a gathering late on Wednesday marking the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
"The bigger our sovereign wealth funds and the more money we put in the banks of Western countries, the bigger the plot to take over our countries...The brothers and their governments in Damascus and North Africa have to know that the Gulf is a red line, not only for Iran but also for the Brothers as well."
Most of the detainees since April are Islamists, targeted by an official clampdown amid concern they may be emboldened by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in other Arab countries such as Egypt.
UAE Interior Ministry officials have not been available to comment on the arrests. Last week, UAE officials announced that authorities were investigating a foreign-linked group planning "crimes against the security of the state".
"I had no idea that there is this large number of Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf states. We have to be alert and on guard because the wider these groups become, the higher probability there is for trouble," Khalfan said on Wednesday.
"We are aware that there are groups plotting to overthrow Gulf governments in the long term."


They're scared.....i myself think this uprising might be a western plot, but Allah is the best of planners, tyrants are falling.
Considering how fast it went and its support. Critical times we're living in...Nonetheless this will lead to the prophecies insha'Allah


07-30-2012, 03:39 PM
Sometimes you can't tell.. I often wondered why the Muslims allowed the colonial settler state of Israel to colonize early on, because many took to jihad but were ordered to go back. In Egypt literally everyday children would be caught hanging on to the bottom rails on trains headed for Palestine:

During the war the question of rail connection between Egypt and Palestine arose. In 1915 a standard gauge line for military purposes, running east from Kantara East, was begun. By the end of 1918 it was completed as far as Haita. Until 1917 a train ferry was used for the exchange of rolling stock between the Egyptian State Railways and the military railways of Palestine over the Suez Canal. But, in view of the need for more speedy transit between Egypt and Palestine, the Suez Canal Company agreed to the building of a swing bridge across the canal at a point three miles north of Kantara, on condition that it was removed after the war. The bridge was built in five months, and opened in July, 1918. Interchange of wagons and through bookings of goods traffic between Egypt and Palestine is still carried on by train ferry service across the canal, the tonnage of goods amounting to a very large annual total. Goods can be put on trucks at any station on the Egyptian State Railways and unloaded at any station on the Palestine Railways.

and of course from other Muslims countries as there was still a sense of an ummah that hasn't existed for decades.. and I felt maybe they let it happen to perpetuate the fulfillment of Quranic prophecies or what.. I really didn't get it for the longest time but in the beginning and the end we must remember that it is Allah swt's will and whatever the means are for that prophecy to be fulfilled isn't important. We can't go back and change events and maybe it was a test to the believers then, maybe many things I don't know but the fact is it is happening and we can't go back to inertia but what I fear is how ill prepared we are for the future.. We've an entire generation that knows nothing about warfare.. that it is something left for the military and that they'll protect us, in fact they only protect their interests and the more lives lost the better from their perspective there's no sanctity to human life.

07-30-2012, 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by منوة الخيال
I often wondered why the Muslims allowed the colonial settler state of Israel to colonize early on, because many took to jihad but were ordered to go back.
You might find this vid interesting sis:


07-30-2012, 04:03 PM
Yup at the bottom of every abomination everywhere in the world there was the not so holy British empire sowing and cultivating the seeds of evil.
Some nations like China recovered really well, Russia was right there behind them arming them etc. Some like Africa in spite of all their natural riches are always going to be embroiled in tribal warfare, poverty, disease, and ignorance and when they look up for help, there will be no one except more oppressors having at them. It is like playing chess on the defensive always that's if time isn't spent nullifying each piece' effort as if they conspire unknowingly or knowingly to undo their own effort.

07-30-2012, 04:34 PM
The British Policy of Divide and Rule in Burma, Malaya and India

pretty sure you'll like this site sis :)


11-04-2012, 08:09 AM
Imran Hosein - Analysis on Arab Uprising


End Time Destruction Of The Arabs By Sheikh Imran Hosein


08-16-2013, 02:43 PM
The War and Sanctions on Iraq, Syria, and in Future Egypt - as foretold in Hadith

With what has been transpiring in Iraq, and now Syria - it is extremely sad that the Muslim Ummah is SLEEP WALKING from one disaster into another - without paying much attention to what has been foretold to us in Ahadeeth and without realizing that Taaghooti forces are conveniently PLAYING our differences and Perceived fault-lines while the vast majority of the Ummah are getting exploited resulting in thousands of Muslims getting killed.
I encourage and invite all to go through some Ahadeeth and see for themselves what has been foretold and then put their hand on heart and ask themselves - if they want to be part of the problem - or part of the solution - a solution that unites and brings the ummah together - rather than cause its further destruction.
The following very interesting Hadith clearly foretold what is happening in Middle-East these days.
I first read the following hadith in Ibn'e Katheer's summary of Bidaya Wan Nihaya... but then on noted that it is from Sahih Muslim (as the original source).

Sahih Muslim Book 041, Hadith Number 6923.
The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Hour

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as saying:

1. Iraq would withhold its dirhams and qafiz;

2. Syria would withhold its mudd and dinar and

3. Egypt would withhold its irdab and dinar and

4. You would recoil to that position from where you started and
(Repeated). You would recoil to that position from where you started and
(Repeated). You would recoil to that position from where you started,

5. The bones and the flesh of Abu Huraira would bear testimony to it.

Muslim: Book 41, Number 6961:

Abu Nadra reported: We were in the company of Jabir b. ‘Abdullah that he said:
“It may happen that the people of Iraq may not send their qafiz and dirhams. We said, “Who would be responsible for it?” He said, “The non-Arabs would prevent them.” He again said,
“There is the possibility that the people of Syria may not send their dinar and mudd.” We said, “Who would be responsible for it?” He said, “This prevention would be made by the Romans.” He (Jabir b. Abdullab) kept quiet for a while and then reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) having said: “There would be a caliph in the last (period) of my Ummah who would freely give handfuls of wealth to the people without counting it”. I said to Abu Nadra and Abu al-’Ala, “DO you mean ‘Umar bin ‘Abd al-Aziz?” They said, “No (he would be Mehdi).”

When reading the above two ahadith together – it clearly explains what is happening in the Middle-East these days and who would be responsible for it.

Some research on this Hadith:

According to this Hadith - "sanctions" would be imposed on 3 countries in the Middle-East in specific order as mentioned in the Hadith:
1st Iraq, 2nd Syria, and finally 3rd Egypt.

Let us do some detailed evaluation of this Hadith.
The hadith above mentions – Dirham and Qafiz in reference to Iraq.

The Hadith says:

“Iraq would with hold its dirham and qafiz”

Dirham = Money (see below for details)
Qafiz = A Measure of Oil!

1 Dinar = Gold Coin weighing 72 grains of average barley. This is now calculated as: 4.45 gm of Gold.
1 Dirham = (7/10) = 0.7 Dinar. (i.e. Dirham is 70% of a Gold Dinar).

It should be noted that the word “Qafiz” has been used through history for a measure of oil! Because of the Arab influence over southern Italy the Sicilian language has also borrowed some words from Arabic. One such word is clearly from the Arabic “Qifaz” and that word in Sicilain language is “Cafisu” - (cafiso: measure of oil) - [Arabic: qafiz]

This means that the sanctions imposed on Iraq would be about “Money and Oil”. i.e. An economic sanction with holding Money and Oil. (Remember the UN sanctions on Iraq and the Oil for Food programme).

The Non-Arabs would prevent them

As the Hadith about Iraq sanctions mentions - "The Non-Arabs would prevent them" - meaning that generally the Arab population would not be in favour of the sanctions in Iraq and it would be implemented by groups of nations - mostly non Arabs (i.e. Western Powers + United Nation)

We now know as a fact that economic sanctions were imposed on Iraq - after which there was 1st Persian Gulf War and then a 2nd Persian Gulf War.
The Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991) commonly referred to as simply the Gulf War, was a war waged under the U.N. authorized coalition force from 34 nations led by the US and closely in cooperation with UK, against Iraq.

Duration of the Sanctions & War on Iraq

Sanctions were imposed (which can be seen in military terminology as a technique with the goal of “Softening up the Target”.
The war against Iraq started in August, 1990 – and ended in December, 2011 (although very strong foreign influences remain). The U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq was completed on December 18, 2011
Approximate Total time: Around 22-23 years. However – if you add the pre-war sanctions – the actual duration against Iraq is much longer. According to some estimates just the pre-war sanctions on Iraq were responsible for nearly 5 million deaths of children due to lack of medicine, medical supplies, and healthy nutrition.

The Number of Muslims Killed in Iraq

The result of the war on Iraq is clear. Although Saddam Hussain is gone – thousands upon thousands of Muslims have perished in this “foreign imposed war”.

A study, published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet, estimated that over 600,000 Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion (as of July 2006). Iraqis have continued to be killed since then.
The updated estimate as of 2012 is that more than a million Muslims died in Iraq. The estimate that over a million Muslims in Iraq have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in January 2008. Opinion Research Business estimated that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 was 1,033,000.

Syria would withhold its mudd and dinar ...

The Hadith mentions “Mudd and Dinar” in reference to Syria.

Mudd = typically used as a measure of Wheat, or more generally food (rice, wheat, barley, bread, etc). One Mudd is equated to ¾ of a kilogram, or sometimes as 708 grams. A mudd is a measure, commonly translated in today's terminology as a "Bushel"
This means that the sanctions imposed on Syria would be about Wheat and possibly general Food and (dinar) Money.

Further - the general food sanctions/witholding would be of a smaller nature compared to the sanctions imposed on Iraq (as Mudd refers to a small measure of general food items of around 708 grams).

Considering the sanctions on Syria - the hadith mentions “This prevention would be made by the Romans". Also please note that this time it was not mentioned that "The non-Arabs would prevent them" - this means that not just non-Arabs but even Arab government and population will be included in this.

This is clearly visible by the direct involvement of many Arab countries in the Middle-east such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, and even “fighters” have poured in from as far as Tunisia and Libya.

This means that the key driver of sanctions against Syria would be present day Romans - i.e. Europeans and USA plus UK.

Considering what happened with Iraq - a similar fate seems to now be emerging as the expected outcome in Syria - resulting in war, then destruction of the country and finally withdrawal of occupation forces. Already nearly 80,000 plus Muslims have perished in this internal strife and war in Syria.

Considering that war in Syria started in 2012 – although without direct and visible involvement of “Roman” forces yet (no boots on the ground) - if we expect this to take around the same time as in Iraq, it may take potentially until 2012+22 = 2034.
Muslims should pray that insha Allah – that the situation in Syria does not drag out in a long drawn out war and would end quickly.

Egypt would with hold its irdab and dinar and

Taking the hadith to its logical conclusion - we can expect that after the conflict in Syria finishes - a situation similar to that which happened in Iraq / Syria - would finally happen in Egypt.

When Husni Mubarak was in power - I used to think how the west can be against Egypt - as Mubarak was their own man. However - as the "revolution" started and Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) started to come to power - it became clear to me that - this will happen after Ikhwan or may be a combination of "Islamist" parties stay in power for sometime in Egypt and start to change the policies - specially the policy of being friendly with Israel and blocking aid to Palestinians. Further imagine if the Islamic parties in Egypt rip apart the agreement signed with Israel about Sinai - and take ownership of Sinai - then - it will be considered as "open challenge" to Israel and the US and according to the current terms of agreement would be “an act of war”. Only Allah (swt) knows how the situation in Egypt would develop – however – already the “Islamist” parties have come to power in Egypt and already the relationship between Egypt and the Western Powers has changed.
The words used in reference with Egypt are Irdab and Dinar.

Irdab is a special measure especially related to Egypt.
1 Irdab = 73 KG (of Wheat)

When talking about grain - Irdab generally means wheat free from rubblish, dirt and the husks. More generally Irdab also refers to fruit in their dried state - such as dried dates and raisins.

Hence the economic sanctions against Egypt would impact dried fruits and wheat imports/exports and ofcourse dinar (money).

The present and future governments and citizens of Egypt - specially those who have any concern for the Muslims there - should take heed and start preparing for such eventuality by making sure that they can protect and defend themselves from certain onslaught that is to befall them in the future - as Hadith can never be wrong.

Finally the hadith mentions

you would recoil to that position from where you started and
you would recoil to that position from where you started and
you would recoil to that position from where you started,

It is good to remember that when Rasul Allah (saw) wanted to emphasize some pointso that those who listen - can memorize and pay special attention – he (saw) repeated in 3 times. Hence when we notice that this phrase is repeated 3 times - this is a sign that we should pay special attention and take heed/note.

"You would recoil to the position from where you started" to me means exactly what it says - that the muslims in various parts of the world - would recoil (i.e. return) to the position from where they started. This can most likely mean that muslims return to their places of origin - so the majority of muslims in non-muslim lands (like Muslims living in North America, and Europe) would potentially return to their land of origin in the Middle-East in great numbers. This would happen if the economic situation in these countries continue to deteriorate to the point that racism, islamophobia and islam bashing becomes common place and a muslim wearing islamic dress or a woman wearing Hijab or Niqab will be banned... early signs of all these have already started happening and I fear that this trend will only continue over time.

And Allah (azza wa jal) knows best.


08-16-2013, 03:04 PM
To add more on this:


The EU or the romans will take 'action' which can result in sanctions)

US “death squad envoy” arrives in Egypt – and the slaughter begins

My new Press TV article, published Monday, is looking prophetic – or as we Muslims prefer to say “precognitive.”
When the US sends a “death squad ambassador” to Egypt, you can figure that the big slaughter is about to begin. As of today, it has begun. Just as I predicted, the mass slaughter of Morsi/democracy supporters was triggered by false-flag terror.

Yahoo News reports: “Live (Egyptian) television footage on several channels appeared to show hooded Brotherhood (sic) gunmen brandishing what appeared to be small automatic rifles and firing them in the direction of soldiers.”
In fact, the “hooded gunmen” – like those who set off the Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq in Iraq and Syria – are professional killers working for the Empire and its current Egyptian stooge, el-Sisi. The purpose: To demonize Islam, destroy democracy, and perpetrate a genocide in Egypt.

Is the US government targeting Egypt for destabilization – and eventual destruction?

The recent appointment of death squad organizer Robert Ford as US Ambassador to Egypt suggests as much.
Ford’s appointment sends a clear message: US policymakers want to destroy Egypt in the same way they have destroyed Iraq and Syria – by using death squads and false-flag terror to incite civil war.
According to Global Studies professor Michel Chossudovsky, Robert Ford teamed up with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to apply the “Salvador Option” in Iraq in 2004. Chossudovsky writes: “The ‘Salvador Option’ is a ‘terrorist model’ of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador (by Negroponte) in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.”
Today’s Egypt, like 1980s El Salvador, is experiencing a heyday of resistance against military dictatorship. And Egypt’s military dictatorship (like El Salvador’s 1980s junta) has already resorted to the mass murder of anti-government activists. Will Robert Ford, an expert in organizing political mass murder, help the Egyptian regime slaughter tens of thousands of peaceful protesters?
No – it’s even worse than that!
In the past, the US government would straightforwardly help dictators mass-murder their own people. In 1965 Indonesia, for example, CIA-controlled death squads murdered roughly one million opponents of the Suharto regime. The CIA collected the names of prospective victims, trained the death squads, and unleashed them. Most of the million people murdered by those CIA death squads were brutally tortured before death. (The CIA, of course, schooled the torturers in their devilish techniques – as it has in dozens of countries around the world, including Morocco, where I did my Ph.D. research and met a CIA-schooled torturer.)
Today, the US is more interested in destroying Middle Eastern countries than in propping up Asian and Latin American dictators. So it has refined its use of death squads. Instead of simply murdering anti-government activists to prop up an American-owned puppet dictator, the US now sponsors death squads on both sides of the political-religious divide. The purpose: Create a civil war to weaken the targeted nation.
That is what Robert Ford’s “Salvador Option” accomplished in Iraq in 2004 – 2006. And it is also what Ford’s “Salvador Option II” accomplished in Syria in 2011.

In 2004, the Iraqi resistance was defeating the American invaders. So Ford and Negroponte used death squads and false flag terrorism to turn the various factions of the resistance against each other. They created US-sponsored “al-Qaeda” death squad units to brutally and indiscriminately attack Shia victims. And they encouraged (and in some cases manufactured) Shia retaliation – in the hope that it would alienate the larger Sunni community and lead to sectarian civil war.

The American “Salvador Option” team was responsible for many if not most of the “suicide bombings” targeting Iraqi civilians during those years. They would pay an Iraqi to drive a truck to a market or mosque, park, and await further instructions. The truck would then be blown up by remote control, and the Iraqi would be posthumously labeled a “suicide bomber.”

Ford and Negroponte used British as well as American false-flag terror units for some of their dirty work. One of those units, consisting of two British Special Forces officers dressed as Iraqis, was arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19th, 2005. The Brits had been bombing mosques and markets in attacks blamed on “Iraqi sectarians.” When the two disguised British soldiers were arrested, their car was full of weapons and bombs. The day after their arrest, the British army destroyed the Basra jail, using tanks to demolish the walls, in order to recover their two false-flag terrorists, and protect them from the trial that would have exposed the crimes of Ford, Negroponte, and their British terror team in Basra.

Perhaps the most notorious US-sponsored false-flag attack in Iraq – presumably planned by Ford and Negroponte – was the bombing of the al-Askari “Golden Dome” mosque in Samarra on February 22nd, 2006. Witnesses in the neighborhood reported that prior to the bombing, US forces cordoned off the mosque and took control of it. There was absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that the bombing was carried out by US forces, who were in complete control of the cordoned-off mosque when the bombs went off. Naturally, this US attack was blamed on “al-Qaeda.”

The net result of Ford and Negroponte’s false-flag terror campaign in Iraq was a civil war that still rages to this day.
The destruction of Iraq through death squads and false-flag terror was so successful that Ford was sent to Syria to do the same thing. In 2011, Ford was made Ambassador to Syria – and suddenly a wave of violence created the same kind of civil war that still rages in Iraq.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has belatedly realized that the violence in his country was created by false-flag terrorists. What happened was this: Ford’s death squads, consisting of well-trained professional killers, would station themselves on rooftops during US-incited anti-Assad demonstrations. At a designated moment, the snipers would begin firing. Some of the snipers would create the appearance that they were Syrian army soldiers firing at the demonstrators. Others, on a different rooftop, would create the impression that they were demonstrators firing at the soldiers. Soon, the pro- and anti-Assad forces really were firing at each other.

Will Ford organize the same kind of mischief in Egypt?

Based on his record in Iraq and Syria, here is what we should expect: Ford and his team of US death squad organizers and false-flag terror experts (possibly including some of the people who blew up the World Trade Center) will create shootings and bombings blamed on “radical Islamists.” They will then encourage the Egyptian junta to arrest, torture, and murder even more peaceful protestors than it already has. Since the Egyptian military junta is basically an American militia, created and maintained by billions of dollars of US support, the puppet dictator el-Sisi will have to follow American orders… and plunge his country into civil war.

Does the US really want to destroy Egypt, as it has destroyed Iraq and Syria?

Apparently, yes. It is worth noting that the US covertly engineered the overthrow of democratically-elected President Morsi in part because Morsi had spoken out forcefully against Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Nile, steal most of Egypt’s water supply, and condemn much of Egypt’s population to slow death.

Bottom line: The US, through its Ethiopian puppet, is planning a genocide that will kill tens of millions of Egyptians. And if any Egyptian leader tries to stop it, as Morsi planned to, he will be eliminated.
Why does the US feel the need to destroy Middle Eastern countries? Ironically, it isn’t even about US interests. It’s about Israel’s “Oded Yinon plan” to annihilate Israel’s neighbors and seize all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates for Greater Israel. That is why, as Gen. Wesley Clark revealed, Israel took over the US via the 9/11 coup d’état – with a plan to destroy “seven countries in five years” in service to Netanyahu’s “Clean Break” document, itself an update of the Oded Yinon plan to destroy the Middle East for Israel.
There is only one way to resist this impending genocide. All Middle Eastern people, regardless of religion or nationality, must unite and resist the Zionist-sponsored destruction of their lands.


Allah knows best.

09-06-2013, 06:12 PM
Some Ahadith About the Jazira and Fitan Before the Day of Judgment

by Dr. Ali Al-Timimi

I though it might be beneficial that we reflect on some of the ahadith regarding fitan in the Jazira prior to the Day of Judgment. Of course, we should remember that only Allah knows when these events will pass. My reference is at-Tuwaijari's Itihaf al-Jama'a, I, pp. 75-81 (may Allah be merciful with him):

Chapter: What Has been Related Regarding a Fitna that Will Sweep the Arabs Away

Upon 'Abdullah b. Amr (may Allah be pleased with them both) who said: The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

There will be a fitna that will clean (tastanzifu) the Arabs, its dead will be in Hell. During which the tongue will be more severe (ashadd) than a blow of the sword.

At-Tuwaijari then comments on the narrators of this narration and after concluding that the hadith is hasan he proceeds to explain it as follows:

[Regarding the Prophet's] statement "cleans the Arabs," It is said [in Arabic]: istanzafat ash-shay', if you take it all. ... . While Ali al-Qari has said in al-Mirqat [my note: al-Mirqat is a commentary of Mishkat al-Masabih]: It has been said that it means it will purify them from filth (al-ardhal) [my note: perhaps here it is best translated as sins] and the people of al-fitan.

I (i.e. at-Tuwajari) say: This [second] opinion is strong in light of the evidence, even though the first opinion is stronger in light of the [Arabic] language.

What bears witness to what al-Qari has said is what has been mentioned regarding the fitna known as ad-duhaima' [my note: ad-duhaima' means black and dark, at-Tuwaijiri gives a lengthy discussion on the meaning of this word on pages 55-56.]. [Where the Prophet said]: It will not leave any single individual of this umma but slap him on the cheek. In [the hadith on the duhaima' fitna, the Prophet] said: "Until the people become two camps: one of faith with no hypocrisy and one of hypocrisy with no faith."

At-Tuwaijri continues: This shows that the duhaima' fitna will clean the believers from the people of fitan, doubt and hypocrisy; not that it will annihilate them completely. And the duhaima' fitna is the greatest fitna that will occur prior to the appearance of the Antichrist.

At-Tuwaijri then continues:

[Further] evidence that the fitna will not consume all the Arabs is what Muslim reports in his sahih and at-Tirmidhi in his Jami' upon Jabir b. Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with them both) who said: Umm Sharik informed that she heard the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) say:

The people will flee from Dajjal to the mountains. Umm Sharik said: O Messenger of Allah where will be the Arabs that day? He replied: They will be few.

At-Tirmidhi said: This hadith is Hasan-Sahih Gharib.

At-Tuwaijari then cites another hadith in Ibn Majah of the same meaning as the one above but with the Prophet's reply being: "They [i.e., the Arabs] will be few, most of them that day will be in Jerusalem, their imam will be a righteous man..." The hadith then continues to describe the descent of Jesus.

At-Tuwaijari then cites another evidence that not all the Arabs will be annihilated in the Prophet's hadith in al-Bukhari and Muslim that the Banu Tamim will be most severe of his umma against the Antichrist.

At-Tuwaijari then comments, "The Banu Tamim is a large tribe of Arabs."

He then relates the hadith reported by al-Hakim regarding the peace between the Muslims and ar-Rum (Christian Europe) to fight a common enemy and the victory of the Muslims over that enemy, followed by the treachery of the Europeans against the Muslim expeditionary force. In the hadith after the Europeans treacherously massacre the Muslim contingent they say to their boy-king, "We have sufficied you the edge of the Arabs." In other words, we have ended their ability to attack/fight. The hadith then describes how after defeating the Arab army, they will then rally their forces to attack the Middle East coming under eighty banners, under each banner twelve thousand soldiers. (80 x 12,000 = 960, 000 men!)

After discussing the hadith's isnad, at-Tuwaijari points out that the proof is the reference to the Arabs which shows that the Great War (al-Malhama al-Kubra) [my note: to which they refer to as Armageddon] will between the Arabs and Europe.

He then relates a hadith from Ahmad and others that the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: The Great War, and the conquest of Constantinople, and the appearance of the Antichrist will [all occur] within seven months [of each other].

At-Tuwaijari then surmises that "these four ahadith all indicate that a large number of Arabs will remain after the great fitna mentioned at the beginning of the chapter. Upon this, [the Prophet's] statement, "clean the Arabs," means that it will consume most of them in destruction. The juxtaposition of the majority when saying all is prevalent in Arabic. And Allah knows best."

As for the Prophet's statement: That its dead will be in Hell.

At-Tuwajari then explains that some scholars have interpreted this to mean that since they did not intend by fighting to raise Allah's word, or push back an injustice, or assist the people of the truth; but rather they sought to show off and sought wealth and power (al-mulk), they are in Hell.

At-Tuwaijari then mentions a number of hadith about fighting under a "blind" banner (rayah 'immiya), i.e., a call of blind partisanship, be it tribal, national, etc.

At-Tuwaijari then explains how the tongue during this fitna is more severe than the sword as follows: "The confirmation of this is seen in our times in the spread of radio broadcasts and newspapers in all corners of the earth. The tongues of those who speak through [these media], insulting, bellitting, mentioning the faults of those who disagree with them, spreading fitan, and whipping up hatred and animosities is much greater than the blow of the sword."

At-Tuwaijari then continues by saying: "This fitna [which will clean the Arabs] has yet to occur, and perhaps it is the duhaima' fitna which will occur just prior to the appearance of the Antichrist."

He then mentions a number of hadith which tie a deaf, blind fitna and the destruction of the Arabs. One hadith has the wording, "Woe to the Arabs of an evil drawing nigh, its shadow has fallen on [them] by the Lord of the Kaaba, its shadow has fallen on them." i.e., drawn close so that it is as if its shadow is casted upon them.

Some of these hadith mention that the fitna will occur due to competing claims of jahiliya, i.e., call of nationalism, tribalism, etc.

At-Tuwajari then remarks: "Much death and killing has occurred in our times due to the call of jahiliya especially due to the removal of the imama and the khilafa and it being replaced by jumhuriyas." (jumhuriya is normally translated as republic, but hear it has a broader meaning to include all governments of the slogan/type for the people, by the people). He continues: "This is the pure resemblance of the infidel nations and following their ways as one sandal resembles the other. It is not far-fetched that the duhaima' fitna will be due to such call of jahiliya. Refuge is sought with Allah from the fitan."

He then concludes with a couple of hadith regarding the fitna in general and the eventually total war with Europe.

I also remember that elsewhere in his book he ties the duhaima' fitna with the drying up/retraction of the Euphrates and its uncovering a mountain of gold.


Arabic Source

05-14-2015, 12:40 PM

I wrote OP in 2012(and I read them in circa 09-10) when public have thrown out Mubarak from Presidential Palace,right after when things seems to start cooling down.The purpose to share those ahadith was merely pointing out how it has been predicted and not happened on its own.

Unfortunately,The situation is still the same going from bad to worst...:hmm:

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