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Muhammad Yahya
09-14-2012, 05:34 AM
Do You Want To Improve Your Life? Do You Want To Be More Awesome, But Just Don’t Know How To Go About Peeling Off The Unnecessary Layers?
I’ve Put Together A List Of 79 Ways You Can Improve Your Life. Enjoy And Share With Your Friends.
So Here We Go…….!!!!!!

1. Care
If You Want To Be Awesome, You Have To Care. Care About The People Around You And Even People You’ve Never Met.
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2. Give Value
We All Have Something To Share. Always Focus On What You Can Do For Others. What Do You Love And What Are You Good At (Or Want To Become Good At)?
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3. Be Honest
Honesty Feels Good And Is The Right Thing To Do. But Why Do Many Choose To Lie Instead? Most Often It’s Because It Makes Their Life Easier, Or Does It? It Usually Might Seem Like It In The Short-Term, But In The Long-Term, Honesty Always Wins.
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4. Be Honorable
Be Honorable And Respectable. This Means Doing The Right Things, Keeping Promises And In General, Being Someone Who Does The Right Thing.
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5. Integrity
Having Integrity For Me Means Being Ethical And Following A Moral Code That Is Both Practical And Benefits All Of Humanity. It’s Idealistic, But It Is Certainly Worth Striving For, Isn’t It?
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6. Follow Your Passion
Find Your Passion And Follow It. Never Give Up. There Is Always A Way To Make A Living Doing What You Love. It May Not Come In The Form You Think, So Be Open-Minded.
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7. Take Responsibility
You Are Responsible For Your Life. There Is No One To Blame. If You’re Not Happy With Your Life Or With Your Circumstances, You Are The Only One That Can Take Responsibility And Start Changing It. What Are You Waiting For?
__________________________________________________ _______________
8. Be Positive
Being Just A Little Bit More Positive Can Mean A Lot Of Things. Reading A Good Book, Checking Out Positive Quotations Or Even Learning New Skills That You Enjoy. The Possibilities Are Endless. Even Though Being Positive Is Cliché And Kind Of Irritating, It Is Still Useful.
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9. Take Action
You Can Dream And You Can Wonder, But Nothing Happens Without Taking Action Consistently. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect. Learn As Much As You Need To Know The Next Step And Take Action!
__________________________________________________ _______________
10. Focus On Your Strengths
Stop Trying To Fix Your Weaknesses. You Can’t Be Perfect. Focus On Your Strength And Let Other People Do What You’re Bad At.
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Wishing You The Very Best.


Zakia Usmani
This Article Has Been Taken From Its Original Author Zakia Usmani. All Credit Goes To Her For All Her Articles Published Here. Some Editions Have Been Made By Author Of This Blog Muhammad Yahya To Make Articles More Readable And Beautiful. Connect With Zakia Usmani On Facebook To Stay Updated. Read More About Author

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