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Yuki Nomose
09-25-2012, 06:28 PM
nice story :)

"Miss Salma Kayoko Tatsuno, a Japanese Muslim woman’s we11-known as a woman adventurer of Japan for her car journeys during the last several years across the Middle-East and the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe and South America. She has already published her travelogues in five volumes. She has also appeared in a number of television programmes giving accounts of the life of woman in the Islamic lands.

She traveled across the desert and semi-desert areas of Africa three times in a motorcar. 0n the last of them in 1974, she went a journey in a Toyota-Corona SR1 car from early August till 1ate September, and traversed the intense1y hot Saharan deserts, accompanied by two Japanese university professors.

They took the course from Tripoli in Libya, passed through Tamanrasset province of Algeria, crossed over the river Niger and finally headed to the Nigerian capital of Lagos where they reached after traveling about 7000 kilometers. But actually, the total length of the entire journey from the original starting point of Antwerp and including the return journey to Lake Chad and back to Lagos, was about 20,000 kilometers covering nearly four months.

he main purpose of this journey was to study the remains of the stone inscriptions left by the ancient Saharan peoples and to see the conditions of the ancient trade routes which were also used by the Romans in the later times.
But for Miss Salma Tatsuno, there was another special inner urge and interest of studying the remains of the Islamic culture that nourished in the area from about one thousand years ago. It was also her purpose to see for herself the life of the people living under the scorching sun. Here she learnt both by body and soul that the Muslims, 1iving under heavy odds in a very inhospitable natural environment could sustain themselves only because of their unfailing faith in Allah and their dependance on His Mercy and Blessings. Their life was a clear evidence of the great influence of Islam on those people. And today that their descendents are so warm-hearted and hospitable to the travelers is an ample testimony of the beauty of Islamic tradition. Thus she also clearly realized the undeniable difference between them and the other people who did not come under the influence of Islam."

by islamjp.com :nervous:

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09-25-2012, 08:51 PM
Thanks for sharing this nice story, at first I thought it was about you ;D

Just a few years ago i had no idea that there were japanese muslims until I saw this video

It must be nice to be able to travel around and examine past civilisations!

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