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10-10-2012, 07:22 PM

"Quick! Back to the Yemeni Corner"

Al Fitrah presents:

"Protect the Prophet! Quick! Back to the Yemeni Corner" (Quote from the film -The Message)

"There is No god but God! And Muhammad is the Messenger of God!" (Quote from the film - The Message)

WHEN: Sunday 14th October 2012, 2-7PM
WHERE: Wembley Central Masjid,
35-37 Ealing Road Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4AE

Nearest Station; Wembley Central (bakerloo line)
Wembley Park (Jubilee & Metropolitan line)

When the Quraishi idol worshippers attacked the Muslims during their first public call to the kalima La Illaha Il Allah Muhammad RasulUllah they began to pelt etc.. and the companions cried out to protect the prophet and they rushed to the corner of the Ka'aba known as the Yemeni corner for shelter. In the film, this is when the great Hamza ibn Abdul Mutalib arrived to defend his nephew by daring the attackers to attack him. Commanded Abu Jahl to not be a coward attacking unarmed men and if he wished to fight then to fight him.

In the wake of all the recent "controversy" surrounding Islam, we find ourselves again and again defending the Honour of the greatest personality in the history of mankind. Join us in sharing the correct aqeedah and akhlaaq or etiquettes and mannerisms required of us in todays society, especially in this day and age.

We do not need to defend the Prophet as His words and teachings from Allah all Mighty speak for themselves in his defence with countless miracles. What we now need to engage in is to PROTECT that message from corruption of two types.

1. Misquoted information or unauthentic teachings claimed to be from His sunnah

2. The mass of Muslims not implementing the Sunnah correctly in society in turn misrepresenting the beloved Prophet.

This event is to stand in defence but according to the teachings of the very man we claim to defend. More details coming soon (Inshallah)....

Invited Speakers are:
Sheikh Dr. Khalid Fekry (Imam of At Taqwa Organisation)
Adnan Rashid
Ustadh Jalal Ibn Saeed

Wembley Central Mosque

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