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10-17-2012, 04:41 PM
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Assalaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakauthu

The news is finally here!!! Everyone was waiting for it and asking about it. When is the next Eid Dinner? When and where are we holding 1Eid this year?

You do not want to miss the Eid Dinner this year. We are setting high standards! The Dorchester! Park Lane, London!

Al Fitrah's Annual Eid Dinner at the world famous London Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane is fast approaching. Anyone excited? Or have you not yet heard of the most formal and illustrious evening dinner of the year? Every year we meet celebrities while delivering da'wah with tact and style.

WHERE: The London Dorchester Hotel - Park Lane
WHEN: Saturday, November 17th is the big date -

This truly is a beautiful evening for Muslim couples and families to really enjoy a FOUR course Michelin style dinner
with royal treatment that only the staff at the Dorchester know how to deliver after a year of hard work and struggles. All this while being entertained by world renowned artists and enlightened by some of the most beloved Du'at in the world to share, understand and appreciate the beauty and importance of AL Fitrah Family's da'wah projects.

This year we hope to finally build and establish the Al Fitrah Family Centre UK through an exciting and exotic fund raising auction. May Allah grant us success. Are you planning on attending? Who you going with?

There are so many beautiful names to mention but by Allah each and every single one gave us strength upon strength in the past. Sheikh Suhaib Hassan, Nathan Ellington, Abdur Raheem Green, Sajid Varda, Abdullah Rolle, Dr Mamdouh Mohammad, Shakeel Baig, Dr Khalid Fikri, Dr Zakir Naik, Feisal Bodi, Abu Hafs Kasmi, Imaam Qasim, Shaam, Fursaan, Haitham Tamimi, Mohammad Ali, Yvonne Ridley, Khawer Chaudhry, Ambassadors, Business Giants and many more. Many new names will be added to this list this year insha'Allah.

Some of my most beloved moments were:

When Sheikh Salim al Amry stated "These walls have witnessed so much jahiliyah, tonight they witnessed Allah being worshipped. May Allah accept it from us."

Or when Hassen Rasool announced the call to prayer with the most heart melting voiced adhaan.

When we appreciated the founders of the projects and found one glass crystal trophy remaining and standing alone on the podium because the name on it was Ameen Siddiqui and he had just passed away at the age of 26. All of us wept and prayed for him!

Also, when sheikh Bilal Philips called upon all Masajid to adhere to the call of the Eid Celebration Committee in reviving the sunnah of Eid and sharing the essence of Eid with our neighbours. He was beautifully explaining the importance of a Muslim community building their own city, schools, hospitals and universities in Europe insha'Allah.

We thank the Dorchester Hotel for their support and love of the 1Eid project and allowing us to host our 6th annual dinner. One of the hotel's managers stated "This is an incredible project and we feel it is very special and thus we are honoured that it takes place in our Hotel." (Paraphrased) This was while we sat in the lobby across from Carol Vorderman, sadly I did not know of her career untill after that day.

Watch some clips from previous years on YouTube: Pre Eid Dinner

Our FaceBook page as well - Eid Dinner 2012

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