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01-06-2013, 10:29 AM
can anyone provide lyrics to this nasheed?

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01-06-2013, 05:22 PM
This one, right? Found it on YouTube:

رسول الله ربانا
وبالاسلام احيانا
The Messenger of Allah nurtured us spiritually
And gave us life through Islam

وعلمنا بان نبقى
لدين الله اعوانا
And he taught us that we remain
The supporters of religion of Allah

تجمعنا بنور هداه
اخوانا وخلانا
He united us with the light of guidance
As brothers and sincere friends
واترعنا متى ظمئت
بنا الارواح ايمانا
And he gave life to the our souls
When they were thirsty for Faith

نهلنا منه شرعتنا
واعلينا به الشانا
We inherited from him our Shari'ah
And with that our status was elevated

فلم نظلم ولم نغدر
ولم نستعلي طغيانا
So, we did not oppress, and were not treacherous
And we were not Mischievous in our arrogance
رسول الله اسوتنا
على المنهاج وصانا
Allah's Messenger is our role Model
He advised us to the right path

لأجل الحق كم بَذل
وكم قاسى وكم عانى
How much did he sacrifice for the sake of Truth
And so many sufferings and hardships he went through

وكم قد ذاق في ألم
من الإيذاء ألوانا
And how much did he taste in various forms of sadness
And how many types of tortures

فلم يخنع ولم يخضع
ولم يركع وما لانا
He did not humble himself and did not submit (to the evil)
And did not bow and never leaned (towards the wrong)

رشيد الرأي إن عصفت
رياح الظلم طوفانا
The enlightened and just in opinion
When the winds of oppression were gushing all around

حكيم حيّر الدنيا
بسِحر القول تِبيانا
The wise-man who left the world spell-bounded
With the magic of his clear sayings
رحيم إن مضى وقضى
وكان العدل ميزانا
Merciful in his dealings and his judgments
And justice was his balance

شباب الحق فانطلِقوا
من المحراب فرسانا
So, O youth of Truth, Advance
From your worship places like knights

وبالإسلام فامتثِلوا
هدى المختار عنوانا
And in Islam take your examples
The Guidance brought by the chosen one

وسيروا بشِّروا الدنيا
بأنَّ الفجر قد بانِا
And travel and give glad tidings to the World
That the light of dawn has appeared

صلى الله عليه وسلم

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