View Full Version : Americans may not even exist in the next few decades

01-14-2013, 05:02 PM

The title may have surprised some of you, and most of you must have opened this thread with hopes that I must be having some war and economics statistics, but the reason I made that statement is completely different from that. After all the loads of content that we have online, and new articles, new statistics, new researches popping up almost every minute, I feel I have a valid reason to believe that the world's self-proclaimed super-power might see its end. I say self-proclaimed because they are the ones who coined that phrase. In fact, America itself would call the reasons of its expiration progressive and modern.

They won't have any problem with these factors. They will welcome it like they welcome anything and everything even if it is a 200 pound pile of crap like George W. Bush. Well, I guess I should cut the beating around the bush, and give you all the reason why I feel this might just happen:

I feel like Americans right now are an endangered specie, and if they don't check their practices, it might as well lead to their extinction. I say this because of the direction in which those people are headed. Firstly, homosexual marriages have been legalized in 9 states which means that those people can never have children born from the wedlock, and so they're either going to have to rely on something like adoption, insemination or surrogacy, I guess. Apart from that, (and this is my new discovery) there is also a growing population of men and women in the United States who are absolutely not interested in having kids. The reasons those people profess for such aspirations are and I quote:

I did not want to share my husband with a child. I did not want a good portion of my disposable income to go to feeding, clothing and educating a child for the next 18-plus years. I did not want to give up sleep, sex, travel, my ambition, a clean house or my personal freedom.
That's just sick and disgusting to me, no matter what anybody has to say about that. Last June, I became a dad, and I can say it without a shred of a doubt in my heart that THE happiest moment of my life was when I heard the cry of my child. I was in the operation theater with my wife and the doctors, and when I heard my baby's voice, I was so overwhelmed with happiness that tears started rolling out of my eyes. And no expensive possession in the world, nor relaxing on any exotic location can even come close to what I felt at that moment, and feel everyday since.

My dislike aside, I'm pretty sure even this outlook will be perceived as progressive, modern, and a step forward, and anyone who even raises an eyebrow against it will be looked upon as primitive and narrow-minded.

After all that the world is heading to, it won't be a surprise if this actually becomes a cult, and garners a mass following. Take it jokingly or seriously, if Americans keep saying yes to every short-term pleasure, all that will be remaining at the end of it all will be just America, and no Americans.

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01-14-2013, 05:45 PM
I just read today but can't source it that about 59% of Iraqi women are spinsters or widowed because of the conditions- I don't know how truthful that is, but it seems that the phenomenon of extinction is afflicting more than one brand of people for one reason or another..

01-14-2013, 05:57 PM
^^ That's a forced situation. They didn't choose to live that way. I'm talking about deliberately nipping the bloodline.

01-14-2013, 06:04 PM
'tis unfortunate either way whether women think they've arrived to that decision out of free will or it is forced on them, it is unnatural and a sad sign of the time!


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