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abo mussaab
04-22-2013, 12:57 AM
A new American study has revealed a new scientific miracle in the Sunnah related to Prophet Muhammad’s advice to sleep on the right side.The study confirmed that sleeping on the right side, with the right hand under the right cheek, helps to calm the human body and leads to a fast sleep. This also helps people who suffer from anxiety.The study was conducted by a team of American scientists under the leadership of Jamal al-Din Ibrahim, the Egyptian professor of toxicology in California. This scientific study comes within the framework of a new direction taken by research centers and institutes in the United States aiming to rely on natural remedies and better use of nature in solving the problems that result from harmful side effects and accumulation of toxins after using any type of chemical drug and medicines.Dr Jamal al-Din Ibrahim said that his team based their study on the results of a previously conducted research on children in Britain, and he noted that when children sleep on the right side this helps them to sleep quiet easily and prevents nightmares.He explained that he and his team when they tried to apply the results of this British research on adults; they found that the heart works with less effort when it is in the upper part of the body, a situation that occurs when you sleep on the right side, this enables the heart to pump blood to the lower part of the body more easily, which helps in calming a person’s body and makes him sleep fast.He reported that on the other hand, when a person is tensed, the electric charges accumulate in the brain, and when you put the right hand under the right cheek at bedtime, those excessive electric charges gets unloaded avoiding any of harms of the brain.Dr Jamal al-Din Ibrahim explained the previous scientific fact by saying that the left and the right parts of the human body are not identical. The electric waves and charges in the right part of the body are lower than the electric charges in the left part; this is due to the presence of the heart. And that the right part of the human brain controls the left half of the body and vice versa, and therefore when you put the right hand under the cheek this electric discharge occurs from the brain to the right hand with the lower electric waves, which helps the human to relax easily and sleep well.

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