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View Full Version : why do you do this?

04-23-2013, 07:14 AM
so recently my wife got a text saying that bread contains animal hairs.

it actually was a vague text that mentioned something to do with china but never the less. she was horrified.

i ignored it.

but after the second or third person had told me about it, i decided to put all of my brain power behind the initiative to remove this threat from the muslim community.

...i started with e920

third website down, islamic charity organizations take on the matter.

nothing clear yet.

how about the major manufacturers of breads in my country.

...well that took long. most companies have identified the issue and rectified it. specifically mentioning use of synthetics and vegetable derived products.

somebody probably took a long time convincing these companies on our behalf.

...but whoever just found out is going in the opposite direction.

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