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05-22-2013, 02:50 PM
I have been browsing the net recently to get more info on the saudis deviance. This after hearing a shocking story where a friend of a friends wife waited outside a flat/house in Riyad waiting to be picked up by her husband but they didn't know doing such a thing would lead to the wife being kidnapped and raped... She was found dead 3 days later (May Allah Most High Grant her Jannah tul Firdaus...). FYI Riyad is the kings city.

Although I know the Harmain/Holy Citites were under the control of deviant beings many times in History, I am hard pressed to find any worse then the saudis. It's no secret they captured Mekkah by force (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/jun/08/bae40) and now using haram kingship to stay in power. It's also no secret that they support the wahabbi/salafi manhaj.

I have heard they proof read the Khutbahs for Fridays - can any one confirm who actually does this?

Also it appears the family tree has around 30,000 members most of whom appear to be degenerates:

They have a tight control of communication in and out the country via internet infact a huge building with the latest tech and 100 or personell are purely dedicated to the control of communication.
A brother under the twiiter handle @mujtahid has apperently found a way around this and recently been tweeting their filth much to their chagrin. He also appears to be a highly placed individual within the saudi goverment. Unfortunately for me it's all in Arabic; maybe some one here can interpret or knows another handle where it is translated?
more on there here:

Interview with @mujtahid:

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