View Full Version : Feeding a non-muslim/non-fasting family member during ramadan

07-26-2013, 05:24 PM
Salam everyone,

So my uncle is Muslim man who has been married to a European women for more than 20 years. His children and wife are not religious at all, but are very informed on Islam and our culture. Anyway, they live in Europe. One of his Sons is coming to the United States (he's actually coming today), and we were wondering is it haram to provide food for him in the house while we are fasting? He's not muslim, and he won't be fasting I assume. It would be rude to not even make a sandwich for him during the day, since he is our cousin after all. My mom said that our fasting will not count or something like that? ANyway, he's coming tonight, so we don't know if we should make food for him tomorrow or let him starve lol. My dad is definitely expecting us to make him a light meal....since this cousin is his brother's son, ha.

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