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sister herb
08-25-2013, 03:41 PM
This text has published by Politiken (Denmark), Dakens Nyheter (Sweden), Afterposten ( Norweign), Helsingin Sanomat (Finland). I Write it here by my translation as I feel it is important.

We know that you agree that for open discussion of freedom is part of the open democracy. The public discussion we have to keep also about, where nationassecurity matter goes and the limit of free freedom of the press goes. As important is to make sure that about a´ctions of national security we can still have open discussion in media.

Discussion is not weakenss of our democracy- It is base of they power.

Free media is vital to the open discussion. For this it is important that media can uncover information s what might be undesirable to some goverments or to security servives.

We are surpise to attack to our colleague of The Guardian. We also are deeply worry because someone like Britain demans to the laws of terrorism to make attacks against newspaper and journalist lawfull.

We know that you will agree that one of the hallmarks of free and open democracies is a vivid public debate addressing all fundamental aspects of society, including the balance and possible conflict between the legitimate security concerns of governments and the protection of privacy and the free press. We all understand both the imperative to uphold domestic security and the equally important imperative to protect our open public debate about the limits to and legal implications of these efforts. The debate is not a sign of weakness of our democracies. It is the basis of our strength.

Against this backdrop, events in Great Britain over the past week give rise to deep concern. We may differ on where to draw the line and strike the right balance, but we should not differ in our determination to protect an open debate about these essential questions. Also, we should stand united to protect individuals engaging in such debates within the parameters of democracy and the rule of law.

The free press plays a crucial role in this regard, also in situations where information revealed by the press is most inconvenient to governments and the intelligence community. We are surprised by the recent acts by officials of your government against our colleagues at the Guardian and deeply concerned that a stout defender of democracy and free debate such as the United Kingdom uses antiterror legislation in order to legalise what amounts to harassment of both the paper and individuals associated with it. Moreover, it is deeply disturbing that the police have now announced a criminal investigation. We hope this is not to be seen as a step against journalists doing journalism.

The implication of these acts may have ramifications far beyond the borders of the UK, undermining the position of the free press throughout the world.

Mr Prime Minister, we hope that you will soon act to rectify this and reinstall your government among the leading defenders of the free press and an open debate in accordance with the proud tradition of your country.

Bo Lidegaard

Executive editor-in-chief

Politiken, Denmark

Peter Wolodarski

Executive editor-in-chief

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

Hilde Haugsgjerd

Executive editor-in-chief

Aftenposten, Norway

Riikka Venäläinen


Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

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