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08-31-2013, 04:49 PM
It is important to be aware of what is going on in this world, and to heed the signs of the Day of Judgement, but there are plenty of other points to consider;-

-Allah said to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that he is here to convey the message, not to "make" people good, we are responsible for our own souls and are limited to what we can do, it is not for us to jump everywhere were corrupt governments decide to bomb etc, it doesn't mean that we don't care, but everyone is being tested, its not the goal in Islam to make sure that nothing ever happens to you, but rather that when it does, that you are steadfast in Islam.

- There are those that go on about Israel conflicts, but it is better for them to remember that in many parts of the world that people are being taught the Arabic language and religion, so what would you be saying to the Palestinians, that I can't speak your language, don't know much about Islam? :embarrass Obviously it is not helping their soul much, but it is better to spend time in worship and learning just as those Palestinians are doing, just as those in Yemen are doing etc. Supporting a conflict only does not bring safety for you on the Day of Judgement when you don't accept that there is the one God, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. You cannot let conflicts be a bigger part of your thoughts then about God, even the magicians at Pharoah's court thought more about the one God, and not about the awfulness of their punishment that their hands and feet were chopped off at alternative sides, and were crucified.

So people need to mention read more of the blessed places that these people have (even mention of the Prophet's graves), that they speak the arabic language, there are those that read and learn about Islam.

-There are Muslims who say that you are not good enough to talk about Islam, but when there is a conflict they say to the Muslims you should be fighting for Islam. This does not make any sense, if we are not good enough to understand Islam, they why should they fight?? They make excuses mentioning at the time of the Prophet some were kept back to teach about Islam-but that does not change the issue that those who were fighting, understood what they have accepted in Islam and that what they were fighting for (against those who opposed them worshipping the one God). If you can't talk about something, then what is the point of fighting for it?? After the Prophet's death there was a conflict, and if they can have a conflict when they lived during the time of the Prophet, then we Muslims should be wary of it. It was a test, and it shouldn't matter who was in charge, as long as they were religious. Do not be like the evil doers who used to go against the Prophets who simply mentioned that there is the one God, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell, and even after knowing about the Prophet's good conduct, they still opposed him, saying why should Allah make him a Prophet-but Allah did not stop them evil doers from repenting and forbidding evil and enjoining what is good. As a believer we listen to people who believe in the one God, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell which is why if you are a true believer you could never reject the Prophet Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them. No believer would ever oppose another, remember the Day of Judgement much a day were your friends would disown you if you aren't going to Paradise.

-It is absolutely important not to be engrossed with the wars around the world, even if there is a world war, which we of course we would not be immune from, but it is better to stay patient, as you would have to be during the times of the Major Signs of the Day of Judgement. For example when there are conflicts, there is of course a heightened state of tension and fear, there are those people who are engrossed with looking at what the opposing parties are doing, instead of remembering God.

When the Dajjal (anti-christ) arrives, there is of course a heightened state of tension and fear, :phew there won't be people publishing newspapers etc, no TV, the Dajjal (anti-christ) will not be appearing on TV, and neither will the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. As that shows how bad it is during that time, as everyone is effected in this world, you won't be watching other people going through it as you will be amongst them, people wouldn't want to continue with a pastime, or even quietly read a story because the tension and fear is so bad. Similarly to natural disasters, if there was a volcano errupting, and you need to flee, you wouldn't be quietly getting a spot to sit down and read in peace, neither would you be publishing news reports as your going through the events. The Major signs of the Day of Judgment follow after another, ie knowing that the Dajjal is here, we know for a fact that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is coming back during his time, knowing that the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is here we know that the Gog and Magog are coming back. People like to wait to find out what others are going to do, before doing anything, willing to follow the crowd as they feel safer-but during that time you can't, and would have to join the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. Those living at the time of the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him would know what came before them, the Dajjal (anti-christ), the many that have died in conflicts, regardless of plenty of food, it would be wrong to forget that the world is coming to an end soon. Regardless of any "victories" for the Muslim people it is not to rejoice and think that all this will continue.

So it would be worse if you sat there reading up on the conflicts of governments and suddenly find that they have ended and the Dajjal is here-as you have not helped prepare yourself (ie reading Surah Kahf), God did not say to sit there and read about the sins of others, your not going to Paradise because you were reading and what such and such a person did. It is important to know what is happening alongside heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, placing your trust in Allah.

- People complain about events but they need to remember that Allah provided this time to test people, which includes letting them murder people just as Pharoah did when he killed new born sons. At the same time as going against Islam, they supported homosexuality partnerships, sex outside of marriage-again this is a no brainer. Just as the people opposed the Prophet Lut peace be upon him do people really think that they will continue?? As Allah stated they do not. There are many people in this world and whatever conflicts, God is allowing people to increase their reward in Paradise by prayer, steadfastness in Islam, or increase their reward in Hell by their many evil deeds. We should not despair as Allah's promise is true.

- The simple fact is that many people prefer to fight for the life of this world, ie in Syria even though it was sunnis who didn't care for the leadership, they decided to get outside support from people who have already been bombing Muslim countries. If you don't like a group of people you shouldn't be joining an evil force to fight them. They don't look starved, they are in a blessed place, it frankly awful that they chose to fight instead of being patient and steadfast in Islam. IT is of no difference to the Kuwaits who rather have the support of idol worshippers to go against other Muslims. Now they are saying that many children have died-well they can stop the fighting themselves right now-but they are saying that the only way to stop the bloodshed is to fight more until they win the war-which of course it is not true. :unhappy:

Even in China, were yes there are bad things been going on ie trying to control when people can fast at what age (which came out after disputes) regardless of what happened in the past, of who took control of what country, people should be heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, food being provided for you, should be patient, I believe its an external influence were they think to try and provoke the Muslims to oppose the Chinese government.

-One of the beneficial thing that is happening (which would be hard for us to do it ourselves), is seperating the good Muslims from those who call themselves Muslims by name only-so those people who prefer to convert to Christianity, hinduism etc, it is no loss to the Muslims, as the people joining the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him are not those who are weak, and look for the life of this world. It is actually a huge thing, and we cannot underestimate its importance, there are those who wish to talk of islamic states etc, but the issue is that many people don't care about looking for the life of the next world. So that is why there is not jihad for them, as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him fought against those who fought against the Muslims for worshipping the one God, he did not fight them to get someone's home etc. Even the Jews said to the Prophet Moses peace be upon him, but he did not, the Prophets are not here to provide for your needs in this world, they are here to give the message only, and so the Jews were left wandering for a while.

The Prophet Noah peace be upon him did not say that I would have to take leadership of the area, as that is they only way to make people Muslims, at the time of the Prophet David and Solomon peace be upon him the people accepted that they were messengers and ran by God's law.

So even if you fought for Afghanistan etc, are you saying it is worth it when people don't largely care about religion?? We are responsible for what we fight and die for, this is the same for the soldiers who fight for the US etc-Allah will be saying why did you fight when people openly accepted committing sins such as having children out of wedlock? It is not worth a man's sweat to even fight for wrongdoers, nor is it for him to build a pub etc. This is why whatever conflicts there are, we should not be joining in, we can read the conspiracy theories, but the governments don't tell the people what agreements they make with others, why they really wish to attack etc.

We should not be letting other people make the decision on what we should be siding with, when the wrongdoers themselves have been creating conflicts and expect people to support them, this is why they wish for civilians to be attacked-so to get people's support to be enraged, when they are themselves wrongdoers. It is normal for conflicts for people to look at which side they should be on, who is the innocent party and who isn't, but people have to accept that both sides are just as bad. People going against Hosni Mubarak (not for religious reasons-or they would have done that a long time ago, but for the life of this world, even though they don't look starved. Would you be telling your sons that it is OK to fight for them??? In Allah we place our trust, and that believers should be happy with this just as the magicians who strongly accepted in the one God and did not waiver.

Even Allah has stated in the Quran;-

And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. 2.11

We are responsible for what we do God is not telling us if we are not in a position of leadership to waste many years talking about what such and such is doing instead of worshipping Allah. This world is about testing people, and people need to be good themselves, its not anyone's job to make someone good, no Prophet ever said that it was his own or our job to make others turn their backs from evil-as that is their test to stop themselves from being evil (if we made anyone good, then why should Allah reward them with Paradise as Allah is rewarding people for what they have earned?-he would not, that is why people need to do it for themselves, and not for the rest of the Muslims to sit there and dream of what the Muslims states should be. Its only to convey the message, and to be steadfast in Islam.

I can only place my trust in the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him without question as I know that I will never be led astray by them.

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