View Full Version : A Rule in Ossol Al Fiqh That Every Body Needs to Know

09-06-2013, 05:36 PM
In the name of Allah the most merciful.

There is very important rule in Ossol fikh that says the rules have the ruling of the method. This is breakdown of the rule:

1- The tools to reach a mandatory is mandatory

2- The tools to reach Haram is Haram

The same apply for Sunnah and Mostahab:

Now what does that mean? I will give an example

Joking, talking and being nice is Halal it is even could be Mostahab but it become Haram when talking to strangers, why? because people who have diseases in their hearts could misinterpret it. I remember a guy every girl walks beside him, has smiled for him!!! now imagine if it is really happen, he would think she fail in love with him... This Aya is from the quran in verse 32 in Surat Alahzab. This apply to anything else, mixing with each other, joking online. I joke just with guys.

Another example, computer is Halal but if it cause you Fitnah then it is Haram to use it, try to use it in a cafe. Another example especially for reverts, it is Halal to stay with your parents but if this going to make you give up parts of your religion you HAVE to find a way to move out.

The second rule I was talking with it the other day with some students of Knowledge one of them may Allah reward him got one of the best averages in the country and he could ve go to medicine school or any school he wants but he chose Sharea. He memorized a poem contains 1000 lines in rules of Arabic while he was doing his final year at school another guy memorized the Quran in that year. In this year 70% of Jordan FAIL the test they got 97% and 91%.

We have to do our BEST to avoid sins, no excuse and our BEST to do the Wajib. Our best means put all of our efforts, try every door and put the deen as priority. My daleel was the previous rule, Qyas and this verse 97 in Surat al Nisa which means that the angels would blame the people who died as disbelievers why did you die like that, they will respond we were forced, they will tell them, wasnot the land of Allah wide enough to move to another place? The same thing for people who are missing parts of their religion because of their country. They agreed with me except one. Final words All prayers due to Allah.

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