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09-06-2013, 11:22 PM
Having visited Pakistan a few times here are a few issues;-

1. There is rife corruption and evil deeds, this is because more and more people rather not do much to prevent it and rather be out of harm's way, then get involved, so of course as with anywhere around the world the wrongdoers take advantage of this and evil deeds (not treating others with respect, stealing etc) increases.

We can't blame the west for the problems, but then they shouldn't be giving any money to Pakistan to keep the governments pro western. Just as the reason why corruption has not been dealt with (s the west is happy to have a pro -western leader who is in charge) even in many states in Africa, not creating an external body to monitor what goes on and to enforce them.

2. The people do not have a welfare state, and are responsible for making their own ends meet, Media portrayal of the women's rights is only done to help bolster support for the war (even though the war isn't to fight for women's rights), even though they don't care about women's rights in their own countries, ie having sex outside of marriage and then saying that so and so doesn't actually mean much to me. In Pakistan they can't say that every single women is unloved by her family members as this is simply not true.

3. So as above, people largely provide their own source of income, and have support from extended families, (which also shows were people send money to help them from abroad), people in villages that I have been to earned and payed for wells to be built so that anyone can use, created fire points in the village for poor people to gather to cook food (regardless of media portrayal from charities were they have you believe they can't do anything for themselves -this is not the case, people only have to look at how much the directors of charities get paid-they even set up a donkey charity -not that I don't support people treating donkeys better, but I don't see how they are able to go up and down the country to every farm making sure that they treat their donkeys well).

4. What's evident is the popularity of the mobile phones, and the media influencing people, after watching the dramas of people basing their lives on living in mansions and having high paid office jobs-people are assuming this is the way to be successful to have an office job, there are many who wish to show off about mobile phones, when they aren't educated and don't care to take care of the farm animals and growing their own food.

So here is a major issue, we have seen what urban areas have done to countries and not all of it is a good thing, were people are less self-sufficient, and we only have to look to India as well the overcrowding in places. Why do people assume that everyone should copy and build and live like the west. I am all for education and people for striving what they want, but they have to understand that just as in the west that there are plenty of people also squandering their time in Pakistan whilst getting a free education, and not even bothering about working so hard, the goal is to earn a lot quickly instead of having to work till you are ready to retire.

They want changes in Pakistan-well the effects are already there, what do people think that should happen, that most people should live in urban areas, having a lot of companies to work for. If the people in the west are struggling with employment what do they think that other countries should be modelled on?? People largely don't care about the wars, live disconnected from their governments (though, I have seen a scheme were people do approach a government based individual to talk and resolve disputes -which is a good thing, then taking the law in their own hands or instead of having to go to the corrupt police force).

Regardless of what Amnesty International thinks, the death penalty is a must and should be done as quickly as possible, as in Pakistan the problem is were criminals are free to effect the rest of society ie even if they are caught, they pay and cause a lot of trouble, paying corrupt police officers not to be prosecuted and court trials taking too long (were if you lived at the time of the Prophet and spoke about your problem you usually got it dealt with there and then with the witnesses, prosecutors and defenders present at the time.. So I understand that it can take time these days, but longer and longer, they are allowing peoples' lives to be run by what criminals want.

Saying that, there are plenty of good things about this country and not just the bad, there are many good people who treat people well, work hard,
But, this goes over some of the issues that Pakistan faces, why just becoming like a western country doesn't make sense, that a lot of people don't care about religion and so people need to worry about their own souls on the Day of Judgement instead of worrying about what happens to people even in Egypt who wouldn't accept you (if you gave them a suggestion, they'll be saying -who do you think you are), so if they wouldn't accept your advice, why bother supporting people who look for the life of this world and who would even reject a Prophet if one came today as the idol worshippers used to do, saying that who do you think you are to say that you are a Prophet of God. There is plenty of arrogance in these areas as is around the world that "outsiders" no matter if they are Muslim or not would not be accepting you as one of them (because of nationalism). So remember the message from Allah, instead of listening to the idle chit chat that does not benefit. Here is a video made by myself, if I thought then I would have uploaded, I would have taken more time;-


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Abu Ruqayyah
09-08-2013, 04:06 PM
the real problem of pakistan is grave-worshipping and ruling by man made laws

09-08-2013, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Abu Ruqayyah
the real problem of pakistan is grave-worshipping and ruling by man made laws
By grave-worshipping do you mean that when people visit graves of certain religious "saints" (not that I know if such and such was good)??. Were women also pack into to pray for children etc :)

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