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View Full Version : Media giving Islam and Muslims Publicity ?

09-08-2013, 11:42 AM
As Salaam Alaikum My Question is yes I know when the Media gives Islam and Muslims Publicity they want to give Islam a bad image but in my view this can and does back fire because while the Media make be giving a false image of Islam at least it will make People want to learn more about Islam and know the Muslim point of view as well after 9/11 2001 the Media caused me and many other People to want to know more about Islam and research and later convert to Islam anyone agree that Muslims should try to take Advantage of the Media's Free Publicity ?


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Abdul Fattah
09-08-2013, 11:50 AM
Aselam aleykum,
Definitely, bad publicity is publicity as well. The constant attention in the media, makes for several opportunities where people will ask you about your opinions and thus create dawah-opportunities. The question however, is if we (the muslims in the west who come into contact with these people watching the negative media) are well enough equipped to deal with those questions. I' ve seen and witnessed many bad examples of dawah, and only a few good ones.

Ahmad H
09-09-2013, 05:42 AM
format_quote Originally Posted by Abdul Fattah
I' ve seen and witnessed many bad examples of dawah, and only a few good ones.
Well said brother. My problem has been that of trying to know enough just in case I encounter questions I cannot answer. A Muslim who turned Atheist argued with me about Islam on issues I never considered before. After that, I got even more serious about trying to know everything about everything, just so I don't fail again. Perhaps he was just meant to leave Islam by Allah. Allah knows best. In the end, I would rather know more. I think of it as brandishing my sword for Jihad. My sword is my arguments and my Jihad is the battle of words I exchange with these quarrelers.

As for publicity, I agree that any publicity will only lead to good than bad. The problem is not non-Muslims against Muslims, but Muslims against Muslims. Allah promised the Holy Prophet (saw) that even if the world gathers and tries to destroy Islam, it can never succeed in doing so. However, Muslims killing Muslims will certainly cause harm and thus Islam is only destroyed from within. Sad but true. Thus, I am not worried about the non-Muslims, I am more worried about the constant attacks Muslims keep doing to other Muslims. Don't they know that killing a Muslim is worse than killing all of mankind? And hundreds, if not thousands of Muslims are being killed at the hands of other so-called Muslims.

Bad media will never harm Islam as Muslims themselves can harm the religion. So I don't see the big deal if they try to blemish the Word of God. Allah will always make His religion supreme.

09-26-2013, 04:34 AM
This has been my take on the subject all along. Since 9/11 Muslims have become a dominant part of society. People know that these people exist. Especially here in the west people no longer have a weird reaction when you say you're Muslim. Speaking from real life situations, I have never encountered any negative reactions when in public. From my name, to my heritage, origins, and finally and most importantly my way of life. People and the world in general are becoming fully aware that the news is construed and has become somewhat a reality show.

Sometimes I can't take local news stations seriously anymore. They dramatize everything; if a snow storm comes with a predicted 5" of snow they will report on it ALL DAY. ;D Really?

I truly think that most people are indifferent and really don't care that much about the existence of Islam. It is just the loud/eccentric extroverts that bash us.

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