View Full Version : What do we say to Non Muslims who think that the Caliphate/Caliph is a Dictatorship/D

09-28-2013, 04:39 PM
As Salaam Alaikum my question what do we say to Non Muslims who think that the Caliphate/Caliph is a Dictatorship/Dictator ? My question is can the Caliph be criticized by citizens if the criticizism is fair ore just ? Can the Caliph be removed if he is an Oppresser or do Citizens have to obey Caliph no matter what can the Caliph do no wrong ? Also a question I want to ask is does the Caliph allow Freedom of Speech and Opinion or and Expression as far as Politics go ? Aldo a question I want to ask is Caliph the same as a Pope where he can never be criticized ? My final or last question is are there any verses in Islamic Texts Quran and Hadiths that talk about if Caliph can be criticized or accept fair criticizism or freedom of opinions thank you for you're time I found this video below please tell me if the speaker is correct ?

Tameem al-Adnani - Issue of Democracy and Tyrants in Muslim Lands .

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