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10-23-2013, 11:50 AM
Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Brothers and Sisters. May Allah(swt) shower his blessings upon you all.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Website and found something that made me laugh.

I want to refute this guy, I don't need to but they're people that misinterpret the Qur'an and only talk and write what ever they think.

This from a Christian I think:

Ques: Rabboni Yashu'a, does God, Allah, or Yahweh have a form?

Ans: According to the muhammadan's koran a book that copies all its information from the bible. The koran defines a spirit, as NAFS, as a person (koran 2:9) where it states "Yakhda-oona Illaa Anfusahum", which translates "But they deceive themselves", and the word NAFSA, is the single form, for the word ANFUSA-HUM. So as you see, the word is being used, for a group of people, not spirit as muslims claim it to be. The aramic (hebrew), NAFESH uses the same word Nafesh, and also means, " уσυr personality". If I say, NAFSI, it means "myself". It will also mean "my spirit".

The word NAFS is derived from the root word NAFASA meaning "To Breathe, Inhale And Exhale, To Take A Breath, Pause For Breath, Take A Rest". So the spirit or NAFS, is the life force that exist in all living things, even plants. Wнєη you take the "soul"-RUWH plus a JASAD or JASIM "A physical or mortal body", you get an INSAAN "A Person". This is why the word for myself in the arabic language is NAFSI. The NAFS is merely THE SPIRIT.

Now, in order for God be it what ever names you call him, to be speaking, he had to have a mouth. How else can God have a voice (koran 28:30)? God showned moses the palms of his hands, his back side (exodus 33:19-23), and (according to you muslims, christians and jews) how can he do this and not be of some form of human ) in aramic (hebrew) A BASHAR or in ashuric/syriac (arabic), BASHAR or INSAAN?
Both the koran and old testament tell us that moses, had communion with God (yahuwah/Allaah/God) on top of the mountain.

Koran 19:52 and I quote: And we, the eloheem called to him, moses, from the right side of the mountain of "Al Tuwr". And we, the eloheem, made him come near to us for communion. Right translation in ashuric/syriac (arabic).

The first time God spoke to moses, he spoke to him from the burning bush: exodus 3:3-6 but at that time, moses was afraid to look at God.However, the second time God spoke to him, moses desired to look upon God (koran 7:143) in parts says WA (and) LAMMAA (Wнєη) JAAA-A (came) MOOSAA (moses) LE-MEEQAATINAA (to our appointed place) WA (and) KALLAMAHUU (spoke to him) RABBUHUU (his master) QAALA (he said) RABBE (my master, rabb) ARINEEE (make yourself seen to me) ANZUR (I look) ILAYKA (towards you)...

And Wнєη moses came to our, the elohims, appointed place and his master who is rabb spoke unto him. He, the elohim moses said: "my master, make yourself seen to me, so that I will be able to look towards you."

Right translation in ashuric/syriac (arabic).

If you look at the arabic word, ARINEE as used in the koran, it comes from the word RA'A to see something physically. However in koran 2:55, you hear Wнєη the (bane yisrael) children of israel said to moses ("o moses we shall never believe in thee (you), untill we SEE ALLAH manifesting"). The word "see allah," is NARAA, from the same root as RA'A to see something, physically. The word to manifest in this same quote, is JAHRATAAN which means according to the lanes lexicon of arabic, "to become, plain, apparent, public." As you see, here in the koran 2:55, the children of israel are being condemned in this verse, by the statement "But yea were dazed by thunder and lighting", yet moses requested the same received only blessings. Then the koran has an open contradiction concerning this subject. The old testament also records the same request in exodus. Exodus 33:18 and I quote: And he AW-MAR (said), I NAW (beseech) you, RAW-AW (show) me уσυr KAW-BODE (honor, glory).

And he said I beseech you show me уσυr honor.Right translation in aramic (hebrew).

God did not say, "No", but rather agreed to show moses his honor, or glory. To show himself in some form, or fashion. He first made provisions for moses safety, since it is believed by jews (judges 13:22), christians (john 1:18, john 6:46, 1 timothy 6:16), and muslims (koran 2:55). Alike, according to their belief that, if "they uncovered God's majesty and grandeur glory," Or simply saw God, face to face; that person, or person would be instantly destroyed. This in not true according to genesis 32:30, and exodus 33:11 and deuteronomy 5:4, of the israelites, or hebrews. The koran 7:143, of the muslims, and new testament of the christains, matthew 5:8, which all stated that a person could see God, face to face. The koran believes in the immaculate conception of jesus whom they call Isa or Isa which translates as "the savour" (koran 3:45) that he spoke from the cradle (koran 3:46), that he was the word of Allah (God) (koran 4:171) the spirit of Allah (koran 4:171) and Illustrious in this world and the here-after (koran 3:45). Thus, the God of the koran was in fact Jesus- Allah incarnated, in human form. The hereafter belong to allah. First of all, the koran in many places state that Allah (God) is the only helper (koran 2:107, 4:45). If allah is the helper and no one can help you and save you in the end (koran 6:51, 20:109) but allah (God/yahwah), and the koran is Allah's book, and in it we find the name issa the savior and that is referring to jesus as coming at the end (koran 19:15) then if allah is the only helper and to save a person is to help that person, then jesus, again must be the Allah (God) of the koran speaks. By that I mean, Wнєη it comes to Allah it 1. Speaks in the first person single "I am Allaah" (koran 20:14). 2. It speaks in a "we" and an "us" as in the case of more than one Allaah (koran 3:26).3. You have some being who speaks about Allah his angels and his prophets and speaks with authority (koran 2:177, 33:56, 3:23). 4. You have a being that speaks ordering praise and obedience of Allah (koran 1:2, 73:7-8). Number 1 would be the same Wнєη the torah speaks of EL as in malachi 1:9, where El is above Yahuwa. And there yahuwa uses the terms "US". Yahuwa today is called "Jehovah". This is why many christians refer to jesus as God, and the son of God or Jehovah himself in human form, but clearly puts El as the father over him. He does this himself Wнєη he declares "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani" in matt 27:46. Upon analyzing number 2, we see that the koran like the torah has more than one kind of Allah in it. There is the Allah who is the group, which is in the torah of the hebrews called God, but actually translate from Elohim a plural and gives us Gods which would be a "WE" or an "US". The koran use the word اللهم (Allaahumma) koran 3:26, 10:10). In hebrew we also find the single for Allah and it is simply ELOH, which is one of the Elohim. Jesus was one of these Allahs as a child of the holy ghost (koran 19:17-19, matt 1:18). Bearing the spirit and the word of allah (koran 3:45, 48-49, 4:171, john 1:14), jesus becomes the allah most talked about in the koran. The koran, which had affirmed the deity of jesus, never denies the existence of more than one allah as we read in koran 43:58 and I quote "And they say are our Gods best or he? This they set forth to thee, only by way of disputation: yea, they are contentious people." The word in this quote in arabic for "Our Gods" is Alahatunaa which has the word "Allat" is a feminine form of Allah because of the use of the letter TAA marbuta which denotes the feminine. However, the original arabic of the quran didn't had no nuqut (dots). So without the dots of the original arabic, before the modernization and the updating of grammar that word would read "our allahs",which confirms the use of allah as a plural and in fact koran 43:45 and I quote "And question thou our apostles whom we sent before thee; did we appoint any DEITIES other than (God) most graci

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