View Full Version : Sexism is daily reality for girls

11-30-2013, 09:40 AM
A troubling report about young women suffering under sexism.

Sexism is so widespread in the UK that it affects "most aspects" of the lives of girls and young women, a report from Girlguiding says.

"Sexual harassment is commonplace, girls' appearance is intensively scrutinised and their abilities are undermined," says the report.

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11-30-2013, 12:44 PM
I don't know, there is a lot of ......ism's these days. It seems the more educated as a society we become, the more prone we are to being in a divisive state.

Peace :shade:

12-01-2013, 02:52 AM
In some places women are suffering under gender discrimination. But if talk about sexism toward young women in UK, I think "suffering" is excessive. The right word is "experiencing problem with..."

I am not living in UK, but I live in country where gender equality is considered good, not so different than UK. And I grew up together with the girls, so I enough know about their life.

People over 30 may regard sexism toward girls as big problem, but the girls themselves actually regard it just as reality in life. Yes, sometime they complain about the boys who flirt them, but anyway, they enjoy their girly life.

About "women were judged more on their appearance than their ability". I found some complaint about it from adult women in working field, but the girls in level student actually do not really care about it.

("boys expected girls to look like images they saw in the media"). No! but the girls themselves who want to look like images in the media. Even the boys often wonder about behavior of the girls who always follow newest mode without aware this mode is matched with them or not. Ever heard term "victim of mode"?.

("patronised or made to feel stupid" because of their gender)
The boys can distinguish which the smart girls which the girls who are not smart. The girls who always want to be center of attention from the boys who praise their beauty, are indeed the dumb girls. So the boys treat them as the dumb. Smart girls are different, no matter they are beautiful or just “the average”.

Women always want to look beautiful, but smart women do not want the men see them as pretty doll with empty brain. They want to be seen because personality or ability, not just because beauty.

By the way, if a man see a woman only on her beauty, it's means this man is the dumb too.


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