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12-14-2013, 06:21 PM
Eselamu alejkum. As we all know that our loved Prophed Muhammed savs said to love and respect our parents especially mothers, also there is in Qur'an about that ( i think ). But i have problem with mine. I really do love my mother and i respect my parents as much as i can but here is the problem, we live in christian country ( >70% ) and most of our 'friends' are christian. So her habid sometimes is to ear pork ( pizza, some salamas meats etc ), also when she is angry she swears God, Allah in our language and that disturbs my peace and disturbs me but she swears it mostly for useless reasons like trash bin is full and she gets angry about that. She loves sometime to drink wine because it is "healthy" but it is not and i say to her in peacful way to no do that. When my grandma died she wasn't eating pork nor alcholol drinking because she was in stress but since few months passed, she is back on her 'track'. My dad is religious, he sometimes drink wine with mom but he is not eating pork and he is calm. Please tell me how to behave towards her? Few times she said that she will kill herself because she is angry about us etc.

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12-15-2013, 03:47 AM
Bring to her attention the hardness of the Next life, the punishments in the grave and in Hell, etc. You may read to her some verses of Quran along with their commentary or you may get some Islamic lectures (videos, audios, etc) and watch them with her - there are plenty available on youtube. Do this in a friendly manner and not in a preaching manner. For example, you might say, 'look what I found mom. an interesting video.' And then get her to watch it. Do this even if she says she knows about these things because lots of time people push the details to the back of their minds so being reminded of the gravity of the Hereafter is necessary. Also, if she says that Allah is merciful and will forgive her, then get lectures that explain this important concept as well.

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