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asma arif
12-14-2013, 09:59 PM
Asalam alaykum

im in a really bad situation right now please sisters i need ur Duas.
3 years ago one of my dads friends son (lets call him D) came for my hand in marriage my dad rejected him the first time then he came back again after 2 months, this time my dad called his best friend and his son to come over to meet the boy and see if he is the right guy then my dad really liked him so did his best friend and promised him that once he gets his british passport then he will then accept him. 2 years later my dad went back to my country because my grandmother passed away and there he met his brothers and told them about this boy, my older uncle who wanted me to marry his son told my dad if he does get me married to the guy in London he will never talk to him and he will stop contacting him because the guy is not from the same area as me and he speaks a different language.

when my dad came back to London he was completely changed every time we mentioned the boys name he would get very angry. 3 months later my dads bestfriend (lets call him A) came to see my dad with his older son (B) and his daughter in laws brother(C) who is divorced. (A) started talking about my marriage with (C) my dad rejected him because of his past few weeks later... (B) came to my house again with his wife this time he said he would like to talk to me about this proposal and i agreed at last so did my parents i knew my dad wasnt going to accept (D) so out of respect i accepted (C). when (D) found out about this he was shattered and heart broken he came outside my house everyday crying. 1 month after my nikkah with (C) i found out everything (B) told us about (C) turned out to be a lie i found out he's is 18 years older than me he treated me really bad and disrespected me. it go to a point where i cried and begged him to tell me why he's doing all this and he wouldnt tell me, whenever he took me out he would stare at other women and whenever a guy looked at me he would get so happy. i didnt tell my parents anything till it got really worse my dad didnt believe me he told me he would fix up my dad spoke to him and he denied about what he did and my dad kept on talking about this with him since then he promised that he will change and he would take care of me and love me... 2 months later i hated him i really wanted to end everything because i did everything to change him and he didnt fix up. i spoke to my dad again about it then my dad called him to come over, once he got to my house he started shouting at my mum for no reason he blamed her for everything he told her it was because of her that i want to end the relationship then my dad told him to get lost and never come again. its been 4 months and im still waiting for divorce but he's saying no...

anyways the first guy (D) that came for my hand found out about what happened to me he came outside my college and he promised that he will wait for me until the end of his life and he promised me that he will marry me once (C) divorces me. a few days ago i found out that (D) got refused and he must go to court to reapply and he's heartbroken again and so am i. I really want him to get his british and i really think his the right guy for me. and my dad regrets a lot for not accepting (D) my mum really liked (D) she couldnt tell my dad anything when he came for my hand because all my dad would do is shout at her.

please Make Dua for us i really want to be with him

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Muslim Woman
12-15-2013, 05:00 AM

keep praying to Allah . May He grants what is best for u.

12-15-2013, 07:22 AM
sis you could go to the court n ask for a divorce no ? ( its called a khulah in Urdu duno wht its called in English) but if your not happy then you can end it. May Allah help you ameen

don't worry sis everythings gng to be ok inshaAllah you'll be free from C soon just keep making dua.

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